2" Wood: Designer 2" Wood Blind
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Frosted & Bamboo Colors (adds 25%)
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3 1/4" Crown Royal Valance
2 1/2" Traditional Beaded Valance
2 1/2" Flat Contemporary Valance (Designer and Premium Colors only)
2 1/2" Modern Curved Valance (Bamboo, Frosted, Laminated & Exotic colors only)
4 1/2" Flat Contemporary Valance (Designer colors only) view prices
4 1/2" Classic Curve Valance (Designer colors only) view prices
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Do you want Routed Slats, Routless Slats or Decorative Cloth Tape?
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Routless Slats (adds 20%) Learn More - Play Video
Decorative 1 1/2" Cloth Tapes (adds 25%) Learn More - Play Video
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Square Corners
Rounded Corners (adds 10%)