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Roller Shades - Light Filtering

Brand: Levolor


Dress up your window with the stylish and modern Light Filtering Roller Shade from LEVOLOR.

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$84.99SAVE 45%
  • Roller Shade Colors

    • $157.99
      Color Sample - Batten White 310WH048
      Batten White 310WH048
    • $138.99
      Color Sample - Seclusions White 30135021
      Seclusions White 30135021
      No Sample
    • $84.99
      Color Sample - Designer Textures Sand 301BE008
      Designer Textures Sand 301BE008
      No Sample
    • $200.99
      Color Sample - Frequency Rock 321PR020
      Frequency Rock 321PR020
      No Sample
    • $200.99
      Color Sample - Valour Flint 321PR027
      Valour Flint 321PR027
      No Sample
    • $175.99
      Color Sample - Shantung Alabaster 301BR022
      Shantung Alabaster 301BR022
      No Sample
    • $84.99
      Color Sample - Designer Textures Whisper 11370200
      Designer Textures Whisper 11370200
      No Sample
    • $175.99
      Color Sample - Shantung Porcelain	 301WH030
      Shantung Porcelain 301WH030
    • $200.99
      Color Sample - Divine Cloud 321PR008
      Divine Cloud 321PR008
    • $157.99
      Color Sample - Engraved Whisper 10333329
      Engraved Whisper 10333329
    • $157.99
      Color Sample - Engraved Summer Sky 103BL002
      Engraved Summer Sky 103BL002
    • $200.99
      Color Sample - Valour Slate 321PR028
      Valour Slate 321PR028
      No Sample
    • $138.99
      Color Sample - Heathered Whisper 113MT021
      Heathered Whisper 113MT021
    • $138.99
      Color Sample - Heathered Cream 113MT015
      Heathered Cream 113MT015
    • $200.99
      Color Sample - Shimmer Gold 301GT003
      Shimmer Gold 301GT003
      No Sample
    • $157.99
      Color Sample - Engraved Sand 10333327
      Engraved Sand 10333327
    • $200.99
      Color Sample - Divine Flax 321PR007
      Divine Flax 321PR007
      No Sample
    • $157.99
      Color Sample - Woodgrain Champagne 10333332
      Woodgrain Champagne 10333332
      No Sample
    • $138.99
      Color Sample - Heathered Sand 113MT018
      Heathered Sand 113MT018
    • $157.99
      Color Sample - Lemongrass Stripe White 310WH028
      Lemongrass Stripe White 310WH028
      No Sample


Dress up your window with the stylish and modern Light Filtering Roller Shade from LEVOLOR. This light-filtering shade diffuses incoming light when pulled down to cover the window, giving the room a soft, warm glow. Combine it with other window treatments such as draperies or side panels for additional light blockage and enhanced style. Choose from an array of colors, textures and patterns to complement any style of décor in your home. Add a touch of flair to your shade by finishing it with a decorative hem and trim. This shade can be operated with a color coordinated cord loop chain or you can upgrade to a cordless lift, which provides a neat, uncluttered look and is safer for kids.

Install Time: 12 – 15 minutes

We Recommend:

  • Consider adding a valance to your shade for the perfect finishing touch. Select flat fabric valance or fabric cassette.
  • Select reverse roll if you would like the fabric of your shade to feed from the front rather than the back so it can pass in front of an obstruction.


  • Light-filtering fabrics allow diffused light into the room during the day and create shadows to the street side at night. For more privacy and light blockage, consider a blackout roller shade.

Child Safety: This product can be made safer for children and pets with the selection of the cordless lift upgrade. All other versions of this product have cords that may be accessible and are not recommended for windows where children or pets may be present.

Surefit™ Guarantee

With SureFit™, a Blinds.com exclusive, we make sure you have complete peace of mind when measuring for any product we offer. If you made a mistake measuring your blind, we'll remake it at no cost to you.* You don't even pay for the return shipping of your old blind!

*You only pay if there's a price difference between your old and new blind, or if the new blind requires a shipping fee (generally, this applies when it's over 94" wide).

Important Disclaimer:
  • Limit 1 remake per item; 4 item remakes per household per lifetime (unless the error is ours, in which case, we'll make it right!).
  • Same-product exchanges only, within 30 calendar days of receipt of package.
  • Changes are restricted to size and mount only.
  • Refunds are not offered under this guarantee.
Not Covered Under This Guarantee:
  • Commercial orders: any order containing 25 or more of the same product, of tax exempt status, or containing any Blinds.com Commercial brand product.
  • Any product ordered outside our recommended sizes or specifications, which can be found on the product page.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: 144"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Roller Deduction: 1/8"
  • Approximate Deduction on Fabric: 1 1/8"
  • Designer Textures and Seclusions shades wider than 72" will have the fabric rotated to accommodate the size.
  • Blossom shades wider than 98" will have the fabric rotated to accommodate the size.

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth ( fully recessed ): 3 1/4"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1 1/2"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Beaded Chain Lift
  • Cordless Spring Lift
  • Cassette Valanace

Origin of Production

  • Imported

colors are only for the top part of the shade. If you'd like to see how the top and bottom will look together, you'll need to order a sample for both the color and the base color. If you haven't already selected a base, you can scroll up to do so.