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Wood Shutter

Brand: Norman

Wood Shutter

Brand: Norman
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Norman Wood Shutters are the industry’s gold-standard plantation shutters. These shutters, manufactured from the highest-quality basswood and other hardwoods, are one of the most beautiful and durable products money can buy.

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Product Primary Options

  • Color

    Paint Colors

    • Pure White ND001
      $419 99
      Order Sample
    • Silk White ND003
      $419 99
      Order Sample
    • Bright White ND004
      $419 99
      Order Sample
    • Pearl ND006
      $419 99
      Order Sample
    • Creamy ND009
      $419 99
      Order Sample
    • Crisp Linen ND012
      $419 99
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    Stain Colors

    • Goldenrod ND205
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Chestnut ND 226
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Red Oak ND227
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Rich Walnut ND229
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Cherry ND211
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Old Teak ND230
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Spring Rose ND231
      $479 99
      Order Sample
    • Red Mahogany ND232
      $479 99
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    • Dark Mahogany ND233
      $479 99
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    • Black Walnut ND221
      $479 99
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Customer Reviews

Product Details


Norman Wood Shutters are the industry’s gold-standard plantation shutters. These shutters, manufactured from the highest-quality basswood and other hardwoods, are one of the most beautiful and durable products money can buy. The light weight of the wood is what enables the wide range of shutter sizes, while the compact grain adds to their durability. Mortise-and-tenon joinery allows these shutters to resist the shear and racking forces that often damage shutters over time, while a prescription wood conditioning helps reduce post-installation swelling and shrinking.

Norman Wood Shutters are hand-crafted and expertly finished. A labor-intensive, hand-finishing process involving multiple sandings adds to their beauty and enhances their stain or paint color chosen. Choose from beautiful, tinted whites or opt to match your floors and trim with one of many natural stains.

Install Time: 30 - 45 minutes

We Recommend:

  • Configure these shutters however you like. They are available with both inside mounts and outside mounts at a variety of louver depths. Choose larger louvers for large picture windows, as smaller louvers can look too busy.

  • Shutters help better insulate your home. These window treatments will make your windows more energy efficient.


  • Easy installation is assured thanks to pre-installed magnets and hinges, as well as pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.

Child Safety Information:

This product does not have accessible cords, and therefore is safer for places where children or pets may be present.


In addition to Norman’s manufacturer warranty, the assurance of the Warranty means you can trust that this product will last and provide added value and beauty to your home.

Surefit™ Guarantee

With SureFit™, a exclusive, we make sure you have complete peace of mind when measuring for any product we offer.

If you made a mistake measuring your blind, we'll remake it at no cost to you. You don't even pay for the return shipping of your old blind! You only pay if there's a difference in price between your old and new blind, or if the new blind requires a shipping fee (generally, this applies when it's over 94" wide).

Limit 1 remake per item; 4 remakes per household per lifetime (unless the error is ours, in which case, we'll make it right!). Same-product exchanges only, within 30 calendar days of receipt of package. Refunds are not offered under this guarantee. New blind must be the same product as the old blind and changes are restricted to only size and mount. Commercial orders do not qualify.

Questions and Answers

Product Specifications

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 8"
  • Maximum Width: 144"
  • Minimum Height: 10"
  • Maximum Height: 133"
  • 2 1/2" louver rotation requires: 11/16" depth or more
  • 3 1/2" louver rotation requires: 1-3/16" depth or more
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/16" each side

Mounting Requirements

  • Min. Inside Mount Depth with 2 1/2" Louver: 2"
  • Min. Inside Mount Depth with 3 1/2" Louver: 2 1/2"
  • Min. Outside Mount Depth with 2 1/2" Louver: 1/2"
  • Min. Outside Mount Depth with 3 1/2" Louver: 1 1/4"
  • Min Depth Specs for 1 7/8" louver shutters: Equivalent to those of 2 1/2" louver
  • Outside L-Frame (backside measurement): 1 1/2"
  • Outside Camber Frame: Add 6" to window width
  • Min. Inside Mount Depth with 4 1/2" Louver: 2 7/8"

Standard Options

  • 2 1/2", 3 1/2" & 4 1/2" Louvers
  • Cafe Style
  • Divider Rail
  • Front or Rear Tilt

Origin of Production

  • Made In: Imported
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