4 Ways to Organize Dorm Rooms

Evie Sweeten | 03 Jul 2014 | Trends

organize your dorm room

In college it’s easy to let cleaning get away from you. You’ve got a packed schedule full of classes and no one to tell or help your keep your room looking cute and clutter free! So after installing some blackout shades for sleeping in, what’s a college student to do? Here are some ways to keep your dorm room neat:

1. Stackable Containers

Yes, you could just put your shoes into a huge pile by the door or you could put them in a storage unit that you can personalize any way you want. Since this is made out of PVC pipe it can be painted or just left white.

pvc-shoe-holder dorm

Via removeandreplace.com

2. Over the Door Storage

One necessity of every college student would be snacks, whether on a study break or while watching some tv. By using this neat trick you’ll be able to see all of your snacks at once.

over the door storage dorm

Via Buzzfeed

3. Under the Bed

When you were little, chances are you were afraid of what was under your bed, but now you can use that once scary space to your advantage. Under the bed is a great place to store your things that don’t really belong anywhere else.  If your dorm allows it, use bed risers to maximize your storage space.

under the bed shelf dorm

Via bobvila.com

4. Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms counters are never big enough to hold everything you need to get ready. You can make something like this to have more counter space and have all your morning essentials close by.

makeup organizer dorm

Via home-2-me.com

Want more great dorm room decor ideas?

Dorm rooms hold so much design potential!  Whether you’re softening your bright windows with awesome draperies or looking for more crafty DIY ideas, we’ve got you covered:

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