6 Fresh Ideas For Pegboard Organization

Abigail Sawyer | 26 Jul 2013 | DIY Projects

During it’s heyday in the 1950s, Pegboard was the answer to America’s love affair with the automobile and the new found need for garage storage. Pegboard is perforated hardboard with a  grid of pre-drilled holes that fit with coordinating hooks and pegs. This sturdy, versatile organization system made it out of the garage soon after it’s inception and into kitchens, offices and other open wall spaces inside the home.


With tools and supplies in view, and everything withing fingertip reach, it’s no wonder that this organization workhorse has stood the test of time. Read on to see the many new spaces that Pegboards are being used in modern homes.

1. Kitchen Pegboard Wall

Julia Child's Kitchen Pegboard

Pegboards are oft remembered as Chef Julia Child’s preferred method of kitchen organization. This system keeps kitchen gadgets within reach rather than piled in a drawer and prevents delicate cookware from being damaged when stacked in a cabinet. Give your kitchen a retro look by painting your pegboard a nostalgic powder blue or mint, and outlining tools in their designated spaces a la Julia.

Learn how to get this look with A Beautiful Mess.

 2. Pegboard for Craft Room Organization

Pegboard Craft Room Storage

Pegboards are also a perfect fit for any craft room. Supplies are easier to find when they’re right in front of you, plus who wants to hide away all of these pretty colors in a drawer? This installation from Honey B^ear Lane is combination sewing, gift wrapping, and general purpose storage. The best thing is that if your interest’s change, you can rearrange to accommodate new supplies.

3. Pegboard Jewelry Organizer

Pegboard jewelry holder

Keep jewelry untangled and on display with a pegboard jewelry holder. This one even has hook-on rails to hold bangles. A giant sized board will be sure to fit all of your shiny things and serves as wall art, but a smaller version should fit the bill if you’re short on space. We found this monochrome version via Vanilla Extract.

4. Cross Stitch Pegboard

crosstitch pegboard

Add campy charm to your entry way by turning a peg board into giant cross-stitch. Just mark your pattern with pencil and get stitching! With a few knobs attached through the peg holes, this pretty sign is perfect for a mudroom or hallway. Find the whole project on Wills Casa.

5. Pegboard Cabinet Doors

The pegboard sliding doors on this kitchen island fit perfectly with the mid-century vibe of the entire home. Use pegs to get extra storage out of your cabinet fronts, or leave them bare for a retro, geometric look.

6. Pegboard Gallery Wall

Pegboard Gallery Wall
Are your walls looking like Swiss cheese as your art collection changes? Allow for guilt-free rearranging on a whim with a pegboard gallery wall.

Bonus: Modern Pegboards

wall control metal pegboard

Lose the inherent nostalgic look of pegboards and keep the utilitarianism with a sleek metal version. This one from Wall Control is available bright colors and can be equipped with  matching hooks, baskets and other accessories. The steel construction makes these boards stronger, great for magnets, and eliminates any worry about warping. Check out their pinterest board for endless set-up ideas.


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Pegboard organization ideas

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