Q & A: What Are Some Unique or Different Uses for Draperies?

Blinds.com | 07 Jan 2009 | Draperies

Q: I have these old draperies from my last house, and I love
them so much I took them with me. The don’t fit my new windows, but I don’t
want to cut them up and make tablecloths and napkins. What are some creative
ways to reuse my old drapes?

Dalia in the ATL


A: First of all, “Well done you!” for recycling your old
draperies instead of tossing them to the curb. There are so many fabulous
things you can do with your old draperies that have nothing to do with windows. Any of these
techniques can be utilized with new draperies and curtains as well, of course.

Idea 1: Hang them on a blank wall. Though draperies and
curtains are traditionally window coverings, you can use them as wall hangings
or tapestries. You can even reuse your old hardware. Create a unique sitting
area with beautiful leather or upholstery chairs like these Popi Chairs from Pier
and an old velvety drapery, using the drapery as a backdrop.

Idea 2: Hide ugly walls or wallpaper. If you don’t have the
time, money, or energy to repaint, or you’d just like to do something unique,
cover that wall with your old curtains. No one will ever know what’s under there!

Idea 3: Turn it into a shower curtain. Beautiful shower
curtains are usually on the pricey side. Take that old drapery, but some inexpensive
shower curtain rings and a liner, and voila! Instant shower curtain.

Idea 4: Old draperies and curtains make ideal faux or
makeshift headboards. Create enviable style by draping them behind a basic
mattress to create the appearance of a headboard. This example we found via Apartment Therapy, and was a user-submitted photo to CasaSugar.

Idea 5: Use them to hide unsavory looking storage. If you
have a playroom filled with shelves of toys, cover those shelves with your old
curtains. This will streamline the room, reduce clutter, and make it look like
you hired a pro to come out and redecorate. Domino Magazine had this great example: double-sided curtains fitted over basic shelving from Container Store, with simple tie-backs to keep the fabric out of the way when necessary.

It’s especially useful to hang a full-length drapery – one that
hangs from floor to ceiling – in rooms with low ceilings. Want to know how to
make a room look larger, or how to make a ceiling appear taller? Hang a solid
color drapery where there is blank wall space, and order it long enough so that
it puddles on the ground to create depth.

Happy decorating,


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