Bust Boredom and Embrace Family Fun with a Summer Bucket List

Phoebe Pinder | 29 Jun 2016 | Seasonal Trends

In a summertime rut? It can be hard to keep kids entertained when school’s out – but with a summer bucket list, you’ll have lots of exciting activities ready to go.

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Your kids can write their own list, or choose from our ideas below. Whether you and the kids are in the mood for a lazy day at home or an afternoon full of adventure, we’ve got  you covered!

Be sure to grab our printable bucket lists at the bottom of this post.

Rainy Day and Indoor Kids Activities

  1. Rock Candy Experiment
  2. Make your own Puffy Paint
  3. Build an indoor fort
  4. Bake some cookies
  5. Treat the windows as a canvas using washable window paint
  6. Create a sensory bin
  7. Craft some kiddo friendly window decals
  8. Shoot off some balloon rockets
  9. Beat the heat and mix up some fake snow
  10. Build some sandcastles out of watermelon moon sand

Educational Adventures and Day Trips

  1. Spend the day at the Children’s Museum
  2. Create your own fossils
  3. Go to the planetarium
  4. Learn about animals at the zoo
  5. Visit your local library
  6. Learn about space and make a puffy paint moon
  7. Experiment in a Color Mixing Lab
  8. Make your own Bird feeder
  9. Work on the alphabet with fun letter activities
  10. Watermelon Seed Counting craft

Exploring the Outdoors

  1. Paint on the sidewalk with DIY sidewalk chalk paint
  2. Water Balloon Baseball
  3. Plant a small garden
  4. Propel coffee filter parachute guys
  5. Spend the afternoon at your neighborhood splash-pad
  6. Camp in your backyard
  7. Make an outdoor fort 
  8. Erupt a watermelon volcano
  9. Go on a picnic
  10. Plan a play-date at the park

Print a copy of our Summer Bucket List!

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Make your own Summer Bucket List!

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