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This Room Darkening Roller Shade offers a rich palette of vibrant colors in a woven fabric that is perfect for day sleepers or media rooms.  Color shown: Cappuccino BO 16
Color - Brick Red BO 15.
Color shown: Navy Blue
All colors are white to the street side for a uniform look. Shown in color White (front on left and back side on the right).
Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade
Brand: Blinds.com
The Blinds.com Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade offers a rich palette of vibrant colors in a woven fabric that is perfect for day sleepers or media rooms. All materials have a white backing that will face the street. All shades come with a continuous loop clutch - allowing you to easily stop the shade in any position. Valances are not available for this roller shade. For inside mounted shades, there will be a vertical light gap of up to 7/8" of an inch on the control side, and up to 1/2" ... (See description tab below) The Blinds.com Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade offers a rich palette of vibrant colors in a woven fabric that is perfect for day sleepers or media rooms. All materials have a white backing that wi ... (read more or see colors)
Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade Blinds.com
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Cream BO 03
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The Blinds.com Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade offers a rich palette of vibrant colors in a woven fabric that is perfect for day sleepers or media rooms. All materials have a white backing that will face the street. All shades come with a continuous loop clutch - allowing you to easily stop the shade in any position. Valances are not available for this roller shade. For inside mounted shades, there will be a vertical light gap of up to 7/8" of an inch on the control side, and up to 1/2" on the other side. For all shades the fabric will be approximately 1 1/2" narrower than the roller mechanism. All colors are white to the street side for a uniform look.

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Blinds.com Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 109"
  • Approx Inside Mount Deduction on material: 1 1/8"
  • Approx Outside Mount Deduction on material: 1"
  • Made in: Turkey
Mounting Requirements

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Blinds.com Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade

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Fabric Room Darkening Roller Shade4.6583108
PerfectThe blinds were easy to order, delivered promptly, easy to install and look great. The only thing you have to do is measure accurately. Measure twice and get it right the first time. I added a couple of inches to the bottom so the whole blind would not be unravelled.October 27, 2013
Efficiency Made More EfficientWhen I took out the base level vinyl Venetian slat style blinds my landlord installed, she was mad as all. She didn't want any sort of custom cut frill in the sun filled efficiency I'm renting. After confirming that because of an eye injury I need the balanced light of room darkening shades, she approved my installation & they look so much better. In fact without them I'd not be able to type this now because the room had too much sunlight to see a computer screen, even with the vinyl slat things that were here. Thank you for an affordable, nice looking solution!May 15, 2013
Blinds for BelovedI have a wonderful doll room and display of about 400 vintage Terri Lee dolls. Since they are all over 50 years old they need to be protected from the bright California sun and from dust and grime. There are thirteen display cottages with themes such as "Little Red Schoolhouse" and "Santa's Workshop." Each cottage is 8 feet tall with a window front. I love the excellent quality full length blinds with chain roller guides that we have installed. The problem is I only have four cabinets done and I need nine more quality blinds. The chain roller guide allows me open and close the cabinet easily when I give tours of the doll room. Spring roller shades always break and don't close and open easily. Please, Santa bring me more blinds from Blinds.com.December 10, 2006
Custom PlusVery few sites offered the extensive selection of Blinds.com. Our windows are all custom so it was good to find a company that understood that. Happy to have many shades of shades to pick from. Installing was hardest on the first one. Once the correct distance from the top of the window was determined and marked on the subsequent windows it went up more easily on the others. FYI: We are older folks so it takes us a little longer but they are going up fine.March 3, 2013
Excellent company..excellent product!We bought these shades because we work 3rd shift and need our room to be as dark as possible. We were doubtful that the shades would be as good as our blackout curtains but we were redecorating our room and wanted it to be presentable as well as functional. I happened on this sight, found what I wanted for a very reasonable price so we tried them. I wish I had done it sooner! They do the trick while being attractive and were inexpensive enough to consider doing the whole house. But that's not the best part. This company informed me right away when the fabric I wanted had to be back ordered. I also recieved them much faster than promised. That's worth everything as far as i'm concerned. The only advise i would give would be to get the pull down shades rather than the chain if you are going to be adjusting frequently as with the chain you have to reach into the sheers, under the curtain to make the adjustment, but if you're not useing full sized curtains & sheers it won't matter.April 2, 2009
No room for errorI ordered these shades(spring tension) for my children's bedrooms. The material is nice, but it wrinkles terribly if handled. It does block out the light well, except for the small gaps on sides and top. My only problem with these shades is the spring tension operation. It does not work well. Plus, the installation of the spring tension was difficult b/c the shades were like less than 1/16th of an inch too short. They fit in the brackets ok, but if a child were to push shades all the way to one side then the blinds could come out of the bracket. At first, I was not sure what to do, so I mounted a wooden shim to fix the problem, but that looked terrible. So, then I decided to gently bend the metal mounting brackets inward slightly to give me that 1/16 of an inch that I needed. Now they fit fine.If you also need to bend the brackets, use your hands and not a tool or you could bend the metal too much. Very easy to bend.However, I still would not buy the spring tension unless you have no other choice. The continuous cord loop system is fantastic, which I have in the rest of my house. I should have just chosen the cord system. Blinds.com is a much better company than I have used in the past. They have great products at great prices.April 7, 2010
Not "fabric"These blinds are described as "fabric" but they appear to be vinyl. I did not want vinyl so I assumed since they were described as "fabric" they would be, you know, made of woven fabric.Also, I ordered two with the cord on the right and two with the cord on the left. I received 3 with the cord on the right and 1 with the cord on the left, so they were manufactured wrong. Factory mistake ends up at customer without QC so now I either ignore and live with it or waste time trying to correct this.Overall, getting things through the internet is best done if you have already seen a product in person at a store. Otherwise, you don't know exactly what you are getting. For vinyl, the price was too expensive.April 30, 2013
Premium Room Darkening Roller ShadeI am a certified Hunter Douglas window treatment installer and have been installing blinds for over fifteen years. I just started using Blinds.com for a less expensive alternative for some of my customers.These roller shades are a great shade for the money. If you like the old fashion roller shade look with the update of a loop chain system then these are the shades for you. When they say room darkening they mean it. I would suggest you use an outside mount for total room darkening. Installing is very simple and the shades come with all the required info for mounting them inside or outside.Communication from your company about my orders and the shipping info is exceptional. Turn around time is usually less than quoted. I would highly recommend ordering from Blinds.com.May 10, 2011
A great deal and top-quality productI just received the blinds in this order and am thrilled! They fit perfectly and are such high quality. They block out practically all of the light and the mechanism is smooth and easy to use. I am so happy and will definitely be back as a customer. Also, I received them on 8/27, two days earlier than promised.They were well-packed and came with hardware, although I was actually able to use my existing hardware. These are a huge improvement over the shades that were in the house originally. They block a ton of light and are easy to raise and lower. My only caveat is that they do not come with a cord at the bottom (at least, I did not see this as an option).Anyway, they are beautiful and work great and I'm so happy.August 27, 2007
Bowed BlindsThe product installed seems to bow slightly, it doesn't offer the privacy or room darkening advertised unfortunately.February 16, 2015
Home Theater Blackout BlindsI resently purchased a 65" hi-def television for my family room. The size of the TV and the size and layout of the room meant that there were only a couple of locations I could place the TV.I chose to use the fireplace hearth as the location since I never used the fireplace and this was the best location for optimal seating and viewing. The one problem was that there was a window on with sides of the hearth. Even with the existing mini-blinds closed, the amount of light entering the room interfered with the contrast and overall picture quality from the TV. After I installed the blackout blinds, I was amazed at how much better the overall viewing experience was. Even the best hi-def TVs will suffer if too much ambient light enters the room, so now I can watch shows during the brightest sunny days and enjoy the true spendor that hi definition TV can deliver. These blinds are a "must have" for any home theater room.November 10, 2006
customer serviceI have been completely satisfied with Blinds.com. The roll up shade I ordered is perfect and so is the color which was very hard to find other places, it's a very soft grey.How great was this experience??? Well, my husband measured the window wrong, too wide. When I received the shade I thought oh no I will have to return this or have to pay for another one., but NO I did not. They very nicely understood, said don't worry, give us the new measurements and we will get that out to you and they did. As for the one that was too large, they said not to return it, give it away or however I saw fit. Wow was I surprised. I would definitely recommend blinds.com. This was my 2nd time ordering from them and I was NOT disappointed.October 31, 2012
Perfect FitThis blind was purchased to replace an "Old" and worn room darkening shade that was of poor quality. The first thing I noticed about your shade was that the vinyl was a superior grade. The fit was perfect as per my measurements. The installation was a snap. I was impressed by the chain mechanism that moves the shade up and down. A far better way than pulling on the shade and not knowing if it would go up or down or for that matter work at all. I thought the cost seemed a bit high, but now that I have the shade installed and operational it was reaasonalble. As the saying goes "You get what you pay for" I feel I got my money's worth.Finally, and most important is, "My wife is happy!December 10, 2012
The blinds were exactly what i wanted. The service on the phone during the ordering process was very good and everyone was extremely helpful. And the time to ship was excellent. I needed the blinds in a hurry and they were at my place in about a week. Much faster than the usual manufacturing and shipping time. I would not change a thing. And I will definitely recommend Blinds.com to others and I will be purchasing other products from Blinds.com in the future. Thank you!June 18, 2006
black out pull down shadestheshades look & work great. They were easy to install. I wish i hadordered an upgrade for the strings that you use to pull them up ordown. the strings are extremely long and are a choking hazzard. Thepieces you provided to keep the long cord up were pretty useless andcheap and hard to use so I threw them away. However, they do keep outthe light well.November 14, 2006
The shades look very nice. The only thing that I would say is that more care might be taken in packing them, so that the material stays nice and un-dented. I trust that the little dents and bubbles cause by being rolled over the enclosed hardware will come out with time, but it was disconcerting to find them when I took the shades out of the boxDecember 28, 2005
Great shades!These arrived quickly and were very easy to install. The instructions that came with were clear and easy to follow. I love them! I only wish you had some blinds that performed all the same functions but were made out of a more earth-friendly material than vinyl, but I guess you can't have everything.August 22, 2008
Great blind, but not a full blackoutI ordered a premium room darkening shade for my baby's room to allow her to sleep at night as the days get longer. This blind could not have been easier to install. The color and functionality are just what I expected. The only disappointment was that it's really not a total blackout shade. It does darken the room considerably, but the shade itself does allow some light in, not just around the edges as I'd expected. The first night we used it was a full moon and I could see the whole shade gently glowing in the moon light. The skylight has a true blackout shade and that was completely dark, with a ring of light coming in around the edges. I wish this one did that too. I had been worried that the shade wouldn't go all the way to the edges of the frame, based on their disclaimer, but it really does go nearly to the edge of the hardware. And as I said, it was one of the easiest things I've ever installed.March 12, 2009
Fantastic Service and ProductMy first experience with ordering from Blinds.com, having heard the company advertized on Rush and Glenn I knew I should look at their web site to check out the variety of products they offer.We have an add-on room with no insulation, we are renting, with a bay window where the cold and heat seep in. I found just what I was looking for. I ordered a one piece shade that covers the entire space, it fits perfectly and so easy to install.I couldn't be happier. Our next purchase will be for bedroom shutters to add to the beauty of the room as well as help with the drafts from those windows.Thank you to all that were part of producing and shipping my order.Beth S.Jerseyville, ILNovember 11, 2012
confusedI was confused as to what I really wanted. I didn't like the glare on our tv and computer, but like the room to be light not dark. It took me awhile to decide if I wanted room darkening, or just one that would cut the glare. I decided the room darkening and put them up when we weren't on the computer or TV. I do recommend the outside mounting or a little light comes in the side,I didn't think I could mount them so I had my husband, He thought he could do it with no problem. He put them upside down, I looked and told him they were upside down. He didn't think I was correct, when I took a bracket and turned it around, he did realize it was in fact upside down, We both laughed,May 29, 2014
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