Window Blinds and Shades for Houseboats and RV's

Just like traditional homes, window blinds can be custom-made for houseboats and RV's. Like other homeowners, RV and boat dwellers want their d├ęcor to look chic and beautiful for their own enjoyment and for entertaining. Here are few things that anyone who owns a mobile home or boat should consider when choosing blinds or shades:

  1. Curtains can incur more dust in mobile homes, and dust from the road or sea air can become easily trapped. Avoid heavy curtains if possible.
  2. Constant lowering to protect from the heat, and raising to see the night sky can wear blinds down more quickly.
  3. Operation in bumpy conditions, whether riding the waves or driving the open road, can lead to further damage.

Why They're Recommended

Blinds allow for total privacy, when it's necessary. Most places you'd park and sleep in an RV or boat would provide little, if any, seclusion. Blinds will ensure that you're not woken up by strangers peeking through your windows.

RV's and boats are extremely susceptible to sun damage, as are the people living inside of them. Blinds are a great way to insulate RV's and trap in air conditioning, and block out the sun reflecting off the water into those houseboat windows

What to Choose — The Top 3 Window Treatments for Moveable Homes

RV Solar Shade

1. Solar Shades

  • Great insulators
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Protect your view out to the outside while making it dfficult for people to see in.
  • Protect from UVA and UVB rays as well as sun damage.

How to measure

RV Shutters

2. Shutters

  • Extremely durable
  • Optimal light control
  • Gorgeous, and never out of style
  • They fit snugly in the windows casing to prevent slippage and damage

How to measure

Aluminum Blinds

3. Aluminum Blinds

  • Durable, great for homeswith kids and pets
  • Long lasting
  • Available in lots of colors
  • Very inexpensive
  • Allows for better light control due to adjustable slates

How to measure