Graber: Graber: CrystalPleat Light Filtering Shades

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Garden Retreat 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)

Facets 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)
Garden Retreat 3/4" Single Cell (adds 20%)
Garden Retreat 3/8 Single Cell (Adds 20%)
Elegant Neutrals 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 20%)
Elegant Neutrals 3/4" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Elegant Neutrals 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)
Daydream 3/8" Single Cell
Daydream 3/8" Double Cell (Adds 20%)
Watercolor Linen 3/8" Double Cell (adds 20%)
Scroll 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Scroll 3/4" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Nuance 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)
Zest 3/8" Double Cell (Adds 25%)
Cambridge 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 120%)
Simply Sheer 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 120%)
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Headrail Options:
Standard Single Headrail - Please choose controls
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Two on One Headrail - Adds $31
Three on One Headrail - Adds $31
Charge Option:
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Standard Cord Lock
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Easy-Up (adds $31) Learn More - Play Video
Bottom-Up/Top-Down (adds $31) Learn More - Play Video
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Product Constraints:

  • If your blind is larger than 96", it must be fabricated as a 2 or 3 on 1 headrail. This is due to weight constraints of the blind.
  • EasyUp Lift System has a minimum width of 18" and a maximum of 144".
  • Cordless option must follow a size restriction of,
    Minimum 12" high,
    Minimum 18.5" wide,
    Maximum 86" high,
    Maximum 120" wide.
  • Bottom Up/ Top Down must have a minimum of 9" wide and maximum of 96" wide.
  • Bottom Up/Top Down has controls on both sides. One side operates the top of the shade, the other side operates the bottom of the shade
  • Bottom-Up/Top-Down can be combined with Cordless if your product falls within the following guides: Minimum Width: 22" Maximum Width: 84" Minimum Height: 18" Maximum Height: 76"
  • The maximum height for a blind with Bottom Up/Top Down is 96".