Light Filtering Fabric Shades: Premium Light Filtering Roller Shades
STEP 1 Customize Color
Choose your collection and color.
Collection 1
Collection 2 (adds 30%)
Collection 3 (adds 35%)
Collection 4 (adds 75%)
Collection 5 (adds 80%)
Collection 6 (adds 95%)
Collection 7 (adds 115%)
Collection 8 (adds 135%)
STEP 2 Choose Inside or Outside Mount
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Inside                Outside

STEP 3 Enter Window & Room Specifications

Enter your window size:



How many do you need?

What room is this for?

Room Name:
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STEP 4 Choose a Control Type
What type of control do you want?

Beaded Chain Left Beaded Chain Right  Cordless Spring Tension Roller

Motorized Radio Frequency Battery Operated (adds $300)
STEP 5 Upgrade Valance Options (Additional Charge)
Valance Options:
No, I don't want a valance
4" Square Aluminum Fascia view prices
4" Round Aluminum Fascia view prices
4" Fabric Wrapped Round Fascia view prices

STEP 6 Extras

Would you like your fabric to be rolled from the front of the roller?

Yes, I'd like Reverse Roll
Do you want Side Channels to eliminate all light gaps? (adds $85)
can only be ordered with shade order.

I want to have Side Channels with my shade.

Helpful Notes:
  • Inside mounted roller shades will have an approximate 1" vertical "light gap" between the edge of the fabric and the window casing on side with the cord loop, and a ˝" light gap on the other side. This is because the fabric must be cut narrower than the operating mechanisms at the top. If this is not acceptable, consider: --adding drapery panels to cover the light gaps --choosing an outside mounted roller shade with at least 2 ˝" of overlap on each side --selecting a different product, such as a Honeycomb Shade which will have smaller light gaps of up to 1/4" on each side.