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"...I'm glad to have the chance to tell you how happy I was with my purchase. I have since installed the blinds, and they are wonderful. I could not be happier with my purchase. One of the blinds was a room darkening blind for the bedroom. My neighbors leave there outside light on all night, and it shines right in the bedroom window. The roomdarkening blind stops all the light from getting in and is great. As for the two in the living room, they make the room look very nice and complete. (I just finished remodeling the whole house and this was the final touch) I don't need anymore blinds at the time, but when I do, or if I ever know anyone else who does, you will be the first choice. Your service was great and the people answering the phone when I did need to call were very helpful... I called to see where my blinds were, and the lady promised to check it out and call me back. When she did call back I was not in so she left a message that the blinds had been shipped and the tracking number. She also asked me to call if I had any problems. Her concern was very refreshing. But I was listening to her message as I brought the blinds in from the porch where they had been delivered that day. In closing, thanks for the great service, and keep up the good work."

Shawn (Blinds.com cellular shades)

"We are in the process of re-decorating. As you will see in the photos, the blinds we ordered are for a large Bay window overlooking our pool and rear yard. As this window is single pane, these shades have not only added to the beauty of the window (in an array of open/closed patterns) but have provided great insulation during the winter months. The shades are 3/8 double cell -cordless.

Why I went with Blinds.com...

Well, to be honest, I ordered my first set of blinds from Lowe's. Did not think that this was something you could do on the web. Then a friend of mine told me he ordered his blinds from the internet, but did not remember the exact company he ordered from. So, I did a google search and found a number of companies such as Blinds.com. The Blinds.com was the only website that I found that seemed to work for me. I was actually able to compare apples to apples - and I did this by visiting Home Depot and Lowe's to get pricing. You prices were the best, no tax, no shipping cost and quicker turn around than the big two. I did request that Blinds.com send me a sample and I received it in two days. This was a confidence builder. Then I brought the swatch to Home Depot and compared it to the swatch in the Bali Blinds binder. It was EXACT. I was now ready to place my order.

Although I shop online, I like to order off line, good news for the call center folks!! Anyway, I can't remember the gal's name, but I can remember her accent. Not only was she nice, she was knowledgeable. She assisted me with a number of questions and sizing issues, as you can see this is a curved window and not your "standard" flat window.

I hung the blinds myself and the job looks amazing when you stand in the living room. I had no clue what I was doing, and not only does it look like I do this for a living, I feel like I could.

Thanks again for a job well done."

Michael G. (Bali cellular blinds)

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"The blinds have worked out great. Good quality and custom fit. My husband helped me measure the windows, and he said the Bali blinds were very easy to install."

Mary G. (Bali cellular shades)

Photo 1

Do not change anything.  I do a lot of projects around the house, and the hardest part is finding the material you want that installs correctly right out of the box.  I have installed the Bali cellular shade on six windows in my home, all of which were ordered from blinds.com. 

  • The shades arrive in less than one week from date of order. 
  • The installation goes exactly as the instructions indicate. 
  • All the necessary hardware is included. 
  • The look, feel, and function of the Bali product is outstanding

|I like saving money.  So before I bought from blinds.com, I shopped several other online vendors, and the local Lowe’s and Home Depot stores.  Your pricing was the best.  I also wait for special coupons like this to place my next order, which I will do this evening.


Tom F.

I'm very pleased with the Blinds.com shades I bought. I had contacted customer service through the website to ask whether room-darkening honeycomb shades would block the streetlights outside my bedroom window sufficiently or if I needed blackout shades. They proved correct in advising me that the room darkening shades would be fine. I'm sleeping peacefully now. The shades were easy to install and seem to be good quality. When there appeared at first to be a problem with one of the shades, Blinds.com quickly arranged to remake my order, but that turned out not to be necessary; the shade was fine.
Good products, good prices, good service. I'd recommend you to anyone I know who was looking for blinds or shades.
Leon F. (Blinds.com room darkening cellular shades)

Hello Blinds.com,

My purchase from Blinds.com was exceptional. From the moment I ordered a swatch which arrived that same week, called your 800 # to confirm my measurements, instructions were very easy to follow and when we received our
blinds- They were absolutely perfect- very easy to install! Will definitely order again- I was very hesitant though....I usually do not order custom-type items over the internet.

Thank you,
Maria W. (Blinds.com single cell light filtering cellular shades)

Blinds.com crew,

I cannot say enough nice things about your company or your people.  I was very nervous buying such a major purchase from an online company I had never dealt with before.  I was also suspicious of how low the prices were - almost half as much as the competitors.  However, good friends of mine had recommended blinds.com and I trusted their advice.  My fears were laid to rest when I called your 800 number with some questions on measuring and ordering.  I was completely surprised to get a real person on the phone almost instantly.  I was further surprised when this person could knowledgeably and patiently answer ALL of my questions without putting me on hold or passing me around the phone system.  Each time I called back, I got the same great service and know-how. 

I got our blinds in half the time promised, and they were brain-dead easy to install.  The fit was perfect and the quality was outstanding.  Whatever your secret is, keep it up.  Usually when I get such a great deal, I expect there to be a catch.  Something is usually missing either in quality or service.  I find it amazing that you can deliver it all.  You have a loyal customer for life.

Thank you,

Mark S. (Bali cellular)


"What I love about the company is both the knowledge of your staff, and the willingness of them to talk to me as long as necessary to help me understand. When I return home, in about three weeks, I will be ordering from Blinds.com many more duel cell blinds. Thanks."
Roy (Blinds.com double cell light filtering cellular shades)


"I have installed my cellular blinds and am thrilled with the result! It is JUST what I envisioned the result to be...

Sorry I can't offer any critical feedback... I can only say that the blinds were EASY to install and VERY wonderful.

Janet S. (Blinds.com single cell light filtering cellular shades)

"I wouldn't change a thing. Ana in customer service is a true asset to your company. She handled my last transaction very efficiently and is so curteous. She goes beyond her duties to help the customer.
Thank you for all of the items I purchased from you this past year. They were a mixture of wood blinds, shadings, a window shade and a cellular shade. I always recommend your company to my friends."
Adrienne W. (Blinds.com cellular shade)

Dear Blinds.com,

Quite frankly, I wouldn't change anything. The products were just as ordered, and delivered just as promised. We had an order a year or so ago in which there were some problems, but your folks corrected them promptly. My experience is that folks expect mistakes to happen. (After all, we are all human) What really matters is how we respond to those errors. This most recent order was perfect in every way. The prior order where there were some errors, you corrected immediately. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Floy and Barbara J. (Blinds.com cellular shades)


Your company was right on!  I have told many people where I purchased my window coverings.  Everything went exactly as planned.
Our entire experience was very good. Ordering was easy, arrived on time, prices were great & the quality of the product met our expectations. I wish I could be of more help in pointing out and area to change but can not. There is one important thing I do measure a company on & that is how well problems are handled. With that not being a part of our interaction (thankfully) I of course can not provide any feedback on it. The blinds work, were easy to install and look forward to years of use.
Thank you for your interest in our feedback.
Thank you so much for the blinds.  I am pleased to say there is NOT one thing I would change about my order.  Your company did a very professional job and I will be a repeat customer!  I put my Bali cellular blinds in my kitchen, the color was perfect and so was the fit!
Christy G. (Bali cellular shades)