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Save 15% on selected Brand products with code: BCSALE-OFF15. Sale ends June 15th.
Get the most value for your window treatment dollar with the 2" Faux Wood Economy Blinds from Our most inexpensive faux wood blind, this product sacrifices options, but not quality, in ord ... (read more or see colors)
4.7  out of 5

2" Fauxwood Economy Blinds
4.7  out of 5

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Slat Colors
White 77
White 77
Antique White 76
Antique White 76
Snow White Embossed 113
Snow White Embossed 113
Embossed Pearl White 12
Embossed Pearl White 12
Alabaster 75
Alabaster 75
Natural Embossed 78E
Natural Embossed 78E
Cherry Embossed 74E
Cherry Embossed 74E
Premium Colors (adds 10%)
Oak 554
Oak 554
Chestnut 556
Chestnut 556

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Save 15% on selected Brand products with code: BCSALE-OFF15. Sale ends June 15th.

Get the most value for your window treatment dollar with the 2" Faux Wood Economy Blinds from Our most inexpensive faux wood blind, this product sacrifices options, but not quality, in order to offer a price that can't be beat. Choose from a basic color palette of whites and popular stains. Comes standard with a 3" crown valance.

Install Time: 10 minutes

We Recommend:

  • Need it fast? This blind has a faster production time than most faux woods.
  • Great for windows that see a lot of wear and tear, and rooms with moisture/humidity like bathrooms and kitchens.


  • Fewer options than other faux woods, such as cloth tapes and routeless.
  • Heavier than wood blinds, faux wood blinds are not recommended for larger windows if you want to raise them often.
  • When raised fully, faux wood blinds tend to have a thicker stack, blocking more of your window's view.


This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Product Specifications Need Help? 2" Fauxwood Economy Blinds
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 9"
  • Maximum Width: 72"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 84"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/2"
  • Made in: China, final assembly in USA
  • Valance clips: C-Wrap around (visible)
Mounting Requirements

Product Options Need Help? 2" Fauxwood Economy Blinds

Standard Options:
2" Fauxwood Economy Blinds4.7513011648
Warped slatsI purchased these blinds for every window in my house after reading the great reviews and seeing the samples that i recieved. At first, the blinds were great, looked nice, were easy to install, and seemed they were everything i had hoped for. Fast forward 8 months later and partially through the first summer of hanging in the windows, and i see the slats are beginning to warp. At first, it was just a few here and there, but now it seems that every blind that i purchased has at least one warped slat. i have eighteen windows in my house and every one of them has one of these blinds hanging in it. this was supposed to be an investment that i thought would last at least half a decade, but now i have to either live with it and see how bad it gets before i just can't take it anymore, or start all over again and buy new. I guess I can take it as an expensive "lesson learned" and that i wasted a lot of money on these "temporary" window coveringsSeptember 23, 2012
2" Fauxwood BlindsI had a very special problem, which your blinds solved perfectly. I wanted a wood look in a seashore house in which wood does not fare well. I wanted to stay in character with the Cape Cod old seashore look, on a summer home budget. The 2" Fauxwood blinds did the trick beautifully. They look rich and expensive, are impervious to the humid salt environment, and are easy to wipe clean. As I was unsure of my measurements I contacted your customer service who took the time to walk me through the measurements of my unique triple window and as a result they fit perfectly, as does the matching single window. Installation was no more difficult than installing mini-blinds. I was so pleased that I have recommended your site to many of my friends. Thanks again to your customer service, they are first rate.December 5, 2006
Maybe it's because I ordered the "Economy"?I ordered 8 sets of blinds for my family room and was very happy. They came packaged together in separate boxes and installation was easy. However, I forgot about the adjacent door so sent another order for a single blind a few months later. Unfortunately, this box - really cardboard just wrapped around the blind - arrived damaged and the blinds were marred and had a purple marker stain on them. (see pictures) Even though the order was months later, the color match was perfect - with the exception of the purple. I was very happy with my original purchase, but it should be noted the "Economy" blinds are very similiar to the ones we purchased on sale at Home Depot for our finished basement - we paid about double here. Sending the $45 blind back was too costly and a real hassle as I didn't have a box - just the torn cardboard. Even though my first order was fine, I am fearful that my second experience might be repeated on any future orders. I don't think I'll order here again.May 25, 2010
Very happy!!!I neversouly bought blinds online in late June, I had priced out some local businesses and checked out the two big national chains, and just couldn't see paying as much as they wanted for blinds. I measured myself and took a chance on not getting the "measurement insurance" and in about a week and a half they arrived. I was prepared to spend a lot of time installing them, but they were super easy to install, all I needed was a drill and that was it, all in all for 5 windows it took me about 2 hours to install them all. They look great and I will soon buy more to replace the old blinds that "were working", but the new ones are just so much better looking and they really block the light out that the others are now a must replace. Take it from me, one that is hard to please, this company has earned my business from here on out and I will recommend them to anyone that asks!!!July 27, 2010
Fauxwood Economy BlindsWe initially paid top dollar to have a sun porch professionally hung with the same type blind. Since then we have completed three rooms ourselves using and its fauxwood blind. We're very happy with the quality and the look of these three rooms.For those who haven't purchased the economy level product: don't be surprised if at first the blinds do not tilt smoothly/easily. It takes a little use before the 'stiffness' works itself out.December 6, 2006
PerfectThe golden Oak finish enhanced the look of the rooms.I'm a single female and installed these blinds with ease. The blinds are not cheaply made. Get a buddy to help lift them into place. They are heavy.The 2nd Bedroom faces West. The blinds help keep the room VERY cool.April 15, 2009
Love These Blinds!I wanted to buy something nice but cheap. i had a quote from home depot, it was twice the price!! (including installation) I had a friend who had the blinds from home depot, but the valence was ugly, it was plain and cheap looking... these from were half the price, SOOO easy to install and gorgeous! I really like them that I bought more for another house I own... I absolutely recommend them to anyone... oh! and customer service was great too! 100% satisfaction guaranteed was no joke... thanks again!June 21, 2007
Best customer service!!These blinds are wonderful. I had no trouble at all installing the blinds. My husband and I put 2 sets of these blinds up in an eyecare center in under 1 1/2 hrs. One of the windows was smaller than the other and my measurements were just a bit off. But, because I paid a little extra for the measuring insurance all I had to do was call customer service and they sent a new blind out immediatley. I couldn't ask for any better service!March 30, 2011
Excellent Product!These are 2" faux wood in white. Don't let the words ECONOMY fool you. They are QUALITY blinds!!! We are very pleased and will finish the rest of the house soon. We measured windows according to instructions and they were cut PERFECTLY! I wouldn't go anywhere else for blinds! PLUS you can order free color samples in mail! AWESOME!! Fast delivery too!October 4, 2009
AMAZING!These blinds a gorgeous in our home! I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is in the market for blinds. EXTREMELY FAST DELIVERY!!! We ordered the blinds on Saturday and received them the following Friday! AMAZING!!!! Thanks Blinds.Com.January 27, 2009
bad 1st impression, ended goodThe day the blinds showed up I was very concerned as the boxes were if very poor condition, parts were hanging out of some of the boxes, and a few metal parts were laying on the ground outside of the boxes. Once I started installing the blinds, which was a breeze, the blinds ended up being fine. A few of the blinds i had to make repairs to, but once repaired they were fine. They really look great. The one thing I would change is the shipping, the boxes were bundled together 8 per bundle, and they were in poor condition. Other than that they were fine.January 25, 2012
Awesome BlindsWas hesitant at first to buy online without seeing the quality. Boy was I wrong. Everything gave super fast and the packaging was very safe. Every blind fit to my exact measurment and didn't have any problems installing any of them. I ordered 7 blinds for all my windows in my home. Would definately recommend them to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the same blinds at retail stores.May 22, 2011
IN LOVE?Maybe I'm in love with my blinds, and so be it! I absolutely love my cherry wood finish faux wood blinds! I like the faux better then the real wood anyways because they will not warp from condensation... These blinds are really good quality, So good that I would NOT instal them with the dinky screws they sent me! YES they are heavy! I did not want the fear of them falling and getting damaged! I had my father drill holes and use 2 inch blue tapcons to make sure they would go into the window frame into the studs! I do not regret purchasing these blinds and at such reasonable price rather then lowes or home depot!April 8, 2011
Looks great! Inexpensive!We purchased 36 blinds (yes, 36!) for our house. Our house has extensive molding, so we were worried that the economy blinds wouldn't blend well and would look cheap. Quite the opposite! The blinds look beautiful in our home! We have only had one issue with 36 blinds. One of the lock mechanism/cords has worn out in the sunroom after 23 months. We open/close the blind 5 times a week. This is covered under their 3 year warranty though, so they are sending us a new lock mechanism to replace ours.The blinds look great and the antique white matched our trim work!September 4, 2014
Great Value, Great LooksI originally ordered blinds for our living room in a cream color and was so happy with how they made the room look that I then ordered these for our bedroom. We are extremely happy with the look and functionality. I have already recommended your blinds to friends and family. They not only look great, but are a wonderful value.December 6, 2006
Delighted with the productExactly what I wanted, easy to install, looks just fabulous! They look so good I'm not going to cover them with drapes. Love the look! I've done the entire house and these are just a couple of samples.Very classy!April 12, 2009
Very happy all around!This was the time I used this website. I three blinds and found the website very way to Use. It was very simple to measure and input the measurements. The blinds came in one week from when I ordered them. And they only took about an hour to install all three. They fit perfectly! And looked just as they did on the website. Very sturdy and good quality. I have recommended this website to everyone I know and can't say enough how satisfied I am. I will be using them again in the future! Thank you very much!February 17, 2013
The perfect finishMy blinds fit perfectly and were super easy to install. To top it all off they look fantastic! I ordered espresso finish and they black out my room so much! My room is so nice and dark even when the sun is shining directly through my windows. Can't beat the great price either. Thanks so much!!August 27, 2013
Great Purchas for the price.I purchase the blind for my kitchen. The only part I had a problem with was I forgot at the botton of the window we had travertine installed.So the blind is too tight fitting . Over all great customer service and price.February 21, 2012
very impressedcame within 7 days. Impressed with free delivery. Easy to install once we had the right tools. Blinds look very classy. Faux wood blinds.June 6, 2011
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