As much as 20% of your home's energy loss happens through your windows every year, which means finding the right window covering could go a long way toward saving money.

Insulating/Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Insulating Blinds, Shades and Draperies

The more layers you add to your window, the better the insulation.

Choose from a large array of single, double, or triple cell shades for different levels of insulation.

Draperies are not only great for increased privacy, but also help save money on energy bills.

Shutters are also excellent insulators - they prevent the transmission of air between the window treatment and glass, which reduces energy costs.

Insulating Considerations

Exterior shades are the best backyard solution for blocking sunlight. Strong sunlight can raise the internal temperature of your home, which often results increased energy and air conditioning bills. Consider exterior shades to reduce direct sunlight.

You can also combine different window treatments for added insulation. Draperies and cellular shades are a common combination - the layers provide added protection to trap heat around your windows.

Insulating Window Treatment FAQs

Insulating blinds are window treatments which can help reduce energy costs in your home. Insulating blinds can keep your home cooler during the warm months, and warm during the cooler months. Insulating blinds and shades can help save money on energy bills.

Closing your blinds during the warm months will block direct sunlight and UV rays from raising the temperature inside your home. During colder months, closing your insulating blinds will prevent heat from escaping through your windows, a common area where heat loss occurs.

Most insulating blinds and shades have insulating properties by nature – they do not require purchase upgrades beyond the price of the window treatment. However, blackout liners can be purchased as upgrades for even more insulating properties on certain blinds or shades.

Ensure your blinds or shades are the perfect fit for your window – this will help block the maximum amount of sunlight. Light gap blockers can be purchased to cover small cracks on the sides of your window treatment between the shade and the window frame. Draperies can also be installed over your blinds or shades to block solar energy from entering through your windows.

Exterior shades are an excellent option for insulating glass doors or windows for summer. They block sunlight and UV rays without obstructing your view, and hold up well in the outdoor elements.

Double and Triple Cell Honeycomb Shades are the best window treatment options for keeping the heat out. Their construction and design trap sunlight and heat from entering through your windows.