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Front of BioArch (wraps around onto the wall)
Back of BioArch (fits inside the arch opening)
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Color: White
Brand: Blinds.com
Wondering what kind of arch will go perfectly with our popular 2" Fauxwood blinds, our wood blinds, or any other white or off white window treatment? Then try our BioArch. For style, price and quality it can't be beat. Each slat can be individually rotated to provide you with EXACTLY how much light you want. Darken your room or let indirect light bounce in. No more faded furniture and rugs from the harsh sun. BioArches insulate effectively when the slats are closed, due to their special overlapp ... (See description tab below) Wondering what kind of arch will go perfectly with our popular 2" Fauxwood blinds, our wood blinds, or any other white or off white window treatment? Then try our BioArch. For style, price and quality ... (read more or see colors)
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Wondering what kind of arch will go perfectly with our popular 2" Fauxwood blinds, our wood blinds, or any other white or off white window treatment? Then try our BioArch. For style, price and quality it can't be beat.

Each slat can be individually rotated to provide you with EXACTLY how much light you want. Darken your room or let indirect light bounce in. No more faded furniture and rugs from the harsh sun. BioArches insulate effectively when the slats are closed, due to their special overlapping slat construction. The outer frame is sleek and has a nice finishing touch with its beautiful trim on BOTH the top and bottom of the curved frame. Installation is a breeze, and unlike other brands, the mounting screws are hidden. The louvered portion of the arch fits within the opening of the window, but there is a trim that wraps (or mounts) on the outer face of the wall and will allow for the product to cover a range of sizes. it also hides imperfections.

Ships out from the factory within 3 days.

Color shown in picture is White 100.

A 24" Arch fits an opening 22"-25.75" wide, 11"-12.5" high.
A 27" Arch fits an opening 25"-28.75" wide, 12.5"-14" high.
A 30" Arch fits an opening 28"-31.75" wide, 14"-15.5" high.
A 33" Arch fits an opening 31"-34.75" wide, 15.5"-17" high.
A 36" Arch fits an opening 34"-37.75" wide, 17"-18.5" high.
A 39" Arch fits an opening 37"-40.75" wide, 18.5"-20" high.
A 42" Arch fits an opening 40"-43.75" wide, 20"-21.5" high.
A 45" Arch fits an opening 43"-46.75" wide, 21.5"-23" high.
A 48" Arch fits an opening 46"-49.75" wide, 23"-24.5" high.
A 51" Arch fits an opening 49"-52.75" wide, 24.5"-26" high.
A 54" Arch fits an opening 52"-55.75" wide, 26"-27.5" high.
A 57" Arch fits an opening 55"-58.75" wide, 27.5"-29" high.
A 60" Arch fits an opening 58"-61.75" wide, 29"-30.5" high.
A 63" Arch fits an opening 61"-64.75" wide, 30.5"-32" high.
A 66" Arch fits an opening 64"-67.75" wide, 32"-33.5" high.

Not recommended for windows with existing trim.

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Product Specifications Need Help?  
Blinds.com BioArch
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 22"
  • Maximum Width: 66"
  • Height equal half the Width. And it is automatically calculated in the price.:
  • Made in: China
Mounting Requirements
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 2 1/2"
  • Handling Fee: $70 over 48" wide.


Product Options Need Help?  
Blinds.com BioArch

Standard Options:
BioArch worked great for mei had a super bright palladian window facing east. every morning the light would blast thru, along with southern summer heat. looked at lots of solutions but none were substantial. definitely not that cellular stuff.and then i just googled until i found blinds.com and the bioarch. don't think i've ever ordered a product on the internet that was this easy, and worked this perfectly. took maybe ten minutes to install. perfect fit, looks like it was custom made for my window. at first thought it was expensive, but now that it's in, it's worth every penny.anyway, that's my $.02. see pics.jackwinston salem ncAugust 19, 2007
Read before orderingWhen I read the web site and input my measurements, it indicated that I needed a smaller unit that I would have thought. As it turns out, the larger would have probably worked better. The trim is enough of a cover that the opening doesn't show .. but just barely. I was only able the get about 1/4" of the screw into the frame to hold the arch because there was so much space. That also makes the screws show from the outside. All that said, the quality of the blinds is good for the price and I like the fact that you can adjust the blinds for light .. including a complete black-out of light which is what we were looking for in our bedroom.April 19, 2009
Great Bang For Your BuckI needed some window coverings for 2 arched windows in my home. I got an estimate of $1,200 per window for some plantation shutters from a local vendor. My husband and I decided that there has to be another way to cover it and look great. So we found Blinds .com and ordered the Bio arch. I was disappointed in the shape it arrived in. We had to make some minor repairs, but the arch looks great!!! And for $1,000 less. I would definately recommend this arch to anyone who wants to beautify your home without emptying your wallet. It's definately a great Bang for your Buck!!August 18, 2009
InstallationI installed ours inside the frame of the window with existing crown molding. Be warned that the manufacturer's screws are for windows without pre-existing molding on the frame. We had to get a few 4" screw to surpass the molding of the Bioarch unto the window frame. Other than that every thing went well.May 13, 2011
Very nice look -- pictures did not do it justice!I was a bit concerned that the BioArch would not look too great, but needed to try something that would block light. Some of the pictures were not great, but I ended up being extremely pleased with them (I bought 2 of them). The installation was not bad -- it took maybe 15 minutes each.February 27, 2011
Dahlia's RoomI am sooooo happy with this arch. I got an estimate for $1500.00 for this type of arch when we first bought the house. I even joked with the lady from three day blinds that I was going to burn the estimate and scatter the ashes. It's been 17 years since that time I figured prices had gone up. This arch is huge (120" across). It arrived at my house tripple wrapped and not a scratch on it. It only cost $300+ (including the extra shipping charge!) and they look MARVELOUS. If you are even thinking about purchasing from blinds.com my advice is DO IT NOW!March 28, 2008
Skeptic No More!!I was very skeptical, had seen lesser quality arches at almost double the price... but my curiousity got the better of me! They were easy to measure, easy to order, quickly shipped to my home, and arrived in PERFECT shape. A few drywall screws and it was up - looks great, performs great, I wish I had done it five years ago!!December 5, 2006
Bioarch in Palladian WindowI had a palladian window that was not a "perfect arch" dimension wise so I could not find a product from Blinds.com that ws an exact match. After talking to customer service several times I decided to take a chance on a Bioarch thinking I could install it inside of my Palladian window fairly easily.After ordering the product came within a week, well boxed and without any damage. After several trial fits it was clear that I would have to do some creative trim work. The arch fit inside the palladian window but had irregular gaps. I solved this by using some of the white rubber door insulation as gap fillers. This works great and I would recommend using instead of caulk for larger gaps.I will include a video so you can see the end result, it came our really pretty nice.The only comments for Blinds.com to improve the product would be:1) send screws painted white. On inside installs it really helps2) Recess the screw holes better so you can more easily camoflauge them after the installNovember 12, 2009
A great product at a great priceI struggled through the summer heat in a west-facing office last year, and was determined not to repeat the ordeal. I had an interior decorator come over and give me an estimate on a shade for the arch window - $1000. I thought that the figure was outrageous. An internet search led me to blinds.com and the Bioarch. I ordered and the well-packaged product was delivered within 2 weeks for less than $300, even with the oversize shipping charge. I say well-packaged because the outer carton had a hole in it upon delivery, but the arch was undamaged. Installation would have been a breeze were it not for the fact that the window had no support beam on which to rest the arch. I'm a woodworker, so the beam was no problem to install. Once the beam was in place, installation of the arch took all of 30 minutes. The Bioarch is extremely effective in reducing heat gain in that room. I've already ordered a set of wood blinds for the window below the arch. A great product at a great price!June 13, 2008
I bought my home 15 years ago and inherited an ugly mauve paper blind and fan style arch. Everytime I walked down the stairs I looked at that ugly combination. I always thought I would install shutters, but the cost was over a grand.I was replacing some blinds in my house through blinds.com when I saw the bio-arch. The price seemed very reassonable. I took the mearsurement and ordered the blinds.When the boxes arrived I couldn't wait to demo the old blinds and put the new ones up. They went up in less than 15 minutes and look great.February 17, 2008
I LOVE this arch. The price was great and it looks wonderful. I have only one criticism. The pre-drilled holes were too close to the edge so we had to drill our own holes. Unfortunately the pre-drilled ones are visible. I would like it if they could either not pre-drill, or else provide a white cap or filler in case you don't use the holes that are pre-drilled. Except for that this is a fantastic product!!!June 4, 2009
I want to say I am very happy with the service!! I received my arch with slight damage and corrected it myself & installed it, and looks great. I let Blinds.com know about the damage, they offered to replace it but told them there was no need. Yesterday we had a note from a trucking company stating they wanted to deliver a package which was a new arch. I called the trucking company and told them not to deliver until we notified Blinds.com. I really do not want to go throught the hassle to replace something that is just fine. I have refered the company to others and stated that they do warranty their products. I will buy other blinds in the future; my wife was a little afraid that the arch would not fit but now she is also happy. Thanks for the help from customer service and all who have made are experience with Blinds.com a success.December 16, 2005
Great Investment!!I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! I shopped around for an arch blind for weeks, trying to find the best deal. My guest room has a window arch, and the sun shines through that window most of the day making it VERY Hot!! The sunrise wakes up any guest at the crack of dawn also. So, I wanted something to block the light, but also keep it cool, and not look cheap from the outside view. This looks awesome from the outside, very tasteful. It does a great job of blocking the light, and actually does better than my wooden blinds installed below it! The installation was easy, it took me about 10 minutes, and I did not have to make any adjustments, or buy any new screws. I already had wooden blinds to cover the bottom part of the window, and this arch fit perfectly above those blinds, and looks like they were bought together. I would recommend calling the customer service with the measurements, they helped me with that, as well as the color! Shipping was fast, and blinds came very bundled with no damage. I was impressed to find out that each order is hand made, custom to your measurements. My only recommendation is that the blinds have to be manually adjusted by each slat, but I am glad that I can adjust them if needed! Overall, excellent product!! A great investment!September 17, 2011
Complete SatisfactionI cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my new BioArch!. I am a 74 year old widow and have recently moved into a townhome to be near family.I must admit, I was apprehensive about ordering on line. After getting an estimate of nearly $500. locally, I am so happy that I ordered from Blinds.com. The BioArch was shipped out, but sadly, it did not fit. I talked to a few different representatives, checking on the order, etc. Every single one of them was so courteous and helpful.Within in a few weeks, I recieved the new BioArch. Today, my son and I installed the Arch within about an hour. We did find that the pre-drilled holes were too close to the edge, so we pre-drilled new ones further back. That was the only inconvenience that we found, and that was easily remedied. I then filled the pre-drilled holes with white wood putty when we were finished.My arched window looks great now and I am so very happy with it. The cost was less than half of the original estimate. And....the antique white matches the blinds perfectly.Thank You Blinds.com. I expecially want to thank the Customer Service Representatives, Stacy, Aleem, Chris, and Brenda. They were all so caring and polite. It truely made the whole experience so much nicer.I certainly will not hesitate to use Blinds.com again and will recommend them to all.November 2, 2010
BioArchThe BioArch fit perfectly, was easy to install, and looks great. I am impressed.November 28, 2006
Great blind for a great priceI ordered this blind about a month ago and was somewhat anxious about ordering such a large item online (69"). It came in perfect condition and at much less cost (about 1/2) than where I had previously tried to order it from (major hardware/home inprovement store). The base of my window is above another set of normal, rectangluar windows, so there was nothing to "set" this blind on. I bought a 3.5" wide prefinished baseboard and installed that first, so the arch windown would have something to set on. After that installation was easy! I also gave it 4 stars because I think it looks pastic-y. I know it is plastic, but I was thinking it would look a bit more wood-like. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and the speed and condition in which it was delivered.March 3, 2008
Not what I expectedI ordered the 66" BioArch. I had the choice of ordering one that was smaller than my opening or one larger (the trim piece fits over my window trim about 1/2 inch) and I choose the larger. If you are installing this next to white trim their white is not white. My trim piece is more gray and I will have to hire a painter to repaint the blind trim. The slats are white but the trim piece is not. Just a suggestion be sure to order sample. Also, they said to mark holes with pencil don't know how you could get a pencil through those small holes.March 25, 2010
Value productI ordered te 72 inches BioArch arch shutter and it arrived within a week. The shutter was well package with a lot of bubble pad to protect the shutter from damage. No damage to the shutter when it arrived. Installation was quite simple. All necessary screws were provided in the package. Since the arch shutter was quite large, the frame twisted a little bit and some blinds came off during shipping. No big problem. Just needed to push them back into the frame. After installation, it looked pretty nice. No cracking so far but the temperature had not gone high up yet. Hopefully, it will be okay for the hot summer time. It sure served its purpose to block the sunlight for me. Now I can watch TV in the sunny day afternoon. Thanks for this value product. Sure will buy from this Blind.com web site next time if I need something from them.5/15/2009 riceboy from Northern CAMay 15, 2009
Move the Screw Holes!The quality of this product for the money paid is excellent. It was well packaged for shipping and was relatively easy for two adults to install. WE DID HAVE TO RE-DRILL THE SCREW HOLES. I have seen numerous posts that say the position of the screw holes did not work. This is not a question of them working with someone's windows, but the fact that to install the arch using the pre-drilled holes would defy the laws of physics. The holes are drilled about 1/4 inch from the front edge of the arch. If the arch does not fit perfectly flush with the window, you may have a screw grabbing air. Also my window is finished gypsum. (No molding) Even with a perfect fit the screw would be going into gypsum instead of the framing and would not hold the weight of the arch.That being said, I love the arch! It looks maaaavelous!May 13, 2010
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