Have windows with arches or angled tops? There's a custom solution for that! Explore our full selection of options for arched or angled windows, and don’t forget – you can always speak with an expert design consultant over the phone by calling 1-800-505-1905.

Best Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Arched / Angled Blinds and Shades Features

Some homes have uniquely shaped windows that don’t fall into the “normal” size or shape category. Among these, windows with arched or angle tops require even more customization for blinds or shades. Luckily, Cellular Shades can be designed to fit the half circle or odd-angle windows. Additionally, arched windows can be fitted with a special composite faux wood blind.

Don’t let oddly shaped windows in your home go uncovered. Complement existing shades with matching ones for windows with a half moon top or odd angle. To maintain a uniform look, combine your arched or angled selection with matching shades for the other windows in the same room.

Arched / Angled Blinds and Shades Upgrades

Interested in upgrading your arched / angled blinds or shades? Consider these optional features for further customization:

  • Light Filtering: Use a light filtering cellular shade to help diffuse incoming light or get the maximum light blockage with a blackout shade.
  • Insulating: Cellular shades are great for insulating windows as well as helping keep energy costs down.

Arched / Angled Blinds and Shades Considerations

  • Cellular shades are great choices for both arched and angled windows. Arched windows also have an option available for custom faux wood blinds to be installed.
  • Many arched or angled windows are accompanied by “standard” rectangular windows underneath. For a seamless look, consider using the same style cellular shade for the arch or angle on these windows as well.


Yes, although a little trickier than conventional windows, we can have custom blinds or shades made to cover any and all arches

Yes, we can have a custom made fit to ensure the entire arch is covered from top to bottom

Yes, we have a range of light filters that can diffuse light to varying degrees with blackout shades blocking light completely

We personally recommend cellular shades due to their insulation and blackout properties. Our other recommendation would be shutters for a more built-in look.

Angled windows are often found along a peaked roofline. They can be triangle shaped or a rectangle with an angled top or bottom. 

Due to the fact that they are simple "slanted" versions of regular windows, only shutters, mini blinds and some cellular shades can be made for angle top windows.

We recommend shutters, mini blinds and cellular shades

Mini blinds can be installed in oddly shaped windows like angles and are extremely durable.

Shutters offer a more polished look for specialty shape windows, but are more expensive. 

Cellular shades can be made in smaller sizes and will be more budget friendly. 

Due to their odd shapes, window treatments will need to be custom. Our Blinds.com designers can help ensure your custom treatment is exactly to your specifications and enhances the look of your home.