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Room Name:
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Choose your type of shutter.
Full Shutter
Cafe Shutter
Cafe Shutter with Full Frame (adds 10%)
Louver Choices
Choose your louver size .
2 1/2" Louver
3 1/2" Louver
4 1/2" Louver
Tilting Options
Where do you want your tilt rod?
Standard Tilt Rod (Front)
Hidden Tilt Rod (Backside) (adds 15%)

Color Choices
Please choose a paint or stain color.
  Please choose your paint color

Stains (adds 20%)
Hinge Choices
What color hinge do you want?
Painted to Match
Antique Brass (Stains default)
Bright Brass
Stainless Steel (adds $30)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (adds $30)
Black Matte (adds $30)
Framing Choices
How do you want your shutter framed?
Four Sided Frame
Three Sided Frame - no bottom frame
Two Sided Frame - no top or bottom frame
Mounting Choices
How will you be installing your shutter?
Inside Mount Standard Z-Frame (adds 11%)
Inside Mount Newport Z-Frame (adds 25%)
Inside Mount Monterey Z-Frame (adds 35%)
Inside Mount Standard L-Frame
Inside Mount Hanging Strip
Outside Mount Standard L-Frame
Outside Mount Newport L-Frame (adds 15%)
Outside Mount Hanging Strip
Divider Rail :  inches from the bottom.
Minimum of 20" from the bottom.

Divider rail will be positioned within 2" of selected placement.
Number of Panels per Opening

Please choose your shutter configuration

( Click Here to see available shutter configurations)

Things to Consider

Does the window opening have molding around it?

This shutter will be installed next to another shutter.
(this is important for rooms with more than 1 shutter side by side.)
Yes, I want my top rail position to match.
If I have a divider rail , My bottomrail and divider rail position will be matched.
My window has a sill that:
Does not Protrude
My window has unobstructed depth of

Product Constraints:

  • Divider rail is optional up to 96" in height.
    Divider rail has a minimum of 20" from the bottom.
  • Standard Z-Frame has a very small overlap on the sides and is not recommended for windows out of square by more than 1/8".