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Room Name:
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My window has unobstructed depth of
I want my shutter to be mounted:
Inside (Wrap Around Z-Frame ) (Note: Requires 1 1/2" of depth)
Inside (Fully-Recessed L-Frame )   (Note: Requires 2" of depth)
Inside Mount Hidden Hanging strips - No Frame )
Inside Direct Mount Hinge Only - Recommended only for windows that tilt inward for cleaning
(note: requires 2" depth)
Outside ( L-Frame ) (Protudes 2" from wall surface)

I want my tilt rod located:
Standard Front Tilt
Rear Tilt (adds $9, requires extra 1/2" depth)

My window has a sill that:
Does not Protrude
I want my louver size to be:
2 1/2" louvers
3 1/2" louvers
4 1/2" louvers
The color I want my shutter to be is:
I want my hinges to be:
Daisy White Off White Cream Brass Stainless Steel
I want my shutter built to be a:
Full Height Shutter (most common)
Cafe Shutter with partial height frame
Cafe Shutter with full height frame specified on next line (adds 10%)
I want my shutter configuration to be:  

Click here to view all Shutter Configurations.

All of my shutter panels are equally spaced.
Divider Rail

inches from the bottom.
Required on shutters over 60" high.

Divider rail will be positioned within 1 1/2" of requested position.

My window tilts inward for cleaning:

This shutter will be installed next to another shutter.
(this is important for rooms with more than 1 shutter side by side.)
Yes, I want my top rail position to match.
If I have a divider rail , My bottomrail and divider rail position will be matched.

Product Constraints:

  • A Divider Rail is not available for shutters with a height of less than 40".
  • Divider Rails are mandatory for shutters over 60" high.
  • When the window depth is less than 1 1/2" you must have the shutter as outside mount . Please increase your width & height measurements, if necessary, to accomodate an outside mount frame.
  • There is a $70 Packaging/Shipping charge added to each order, regardless of size.
  • Inside mount is not recommended for tilting windows.
  • Double Hung windows (adds 25%) equally split in height.
  • Standard Tilt: Recessed L-Frame, Direct Mount and Hidden Strip shutters with 4.5" louvers, have a minimum window depth of 3". OR Rear Tilt: Recessed L-Frame, Direct Mount and Hidden Strip shutters with 4.5" louvers , have a minimum window depth of 3.5".
  • Outside Mount Shutter Without window sill - Add 3" to the width of the window and 3" to the height. Or With a Window Sill Add 3" to the Width and 1.5" to The Height.