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Bali: 2" Fauxwood: 2" Premium Faux Wood
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Two on One Headrail - Adds $31
Three on One Headrail - Adds $31

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1" Cloth Tape (adds 10%)
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(prevents spots of light from leaking through and provides more privacy, adds 10%)

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  Standard Valance
3 1/4" Eloquence Valance view prices
5 1/2" Noble Wood Cornice (shipped separately) view prices
7 1/2" Noble Wood Cornice (shipped separately) view prices
5 1/2" Regal Wood Cornice (shipped separately) view prices
7 1/2" Regal Wood Cornice (shipped separately) view prices

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Helpful Notes:

  • If your blind is larger than,
    60" wide and 78" high,
    54" wide and 84" high,
    48" wide and 196" high,
    42" wide and 108" high,
    over 96" wide.
    You have 2 options:
    1) Cover your window with 2 or 3 separate blinds instead. (e.g. if total window width is 105”, order 3 blinds @ 35” each). This is usually the best choice. You can get a single valance to span across the blinds – just note that request in the “Special Instructions” section of checkout.
    2) Choose the “ 2-on-1 headrail ” (or “3-on-1”) option below. Same as above, except all the blinds are attached to a single top headrail. This costs more, incurs a shipping charge, and the blinds are prone to shipping damage due to size and weight.
  • All blind must have controls of "left/right" or "right/left" only.
  • Any blind under 12" adds a $8.93 surcharge. This blind will also be center tilt only, with no lift cord.


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