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Color: Lavnder

Accordia 9/16" Single Cell Room Darkening - SALE

Brand: Levolor
Levolor Buy $250, Save $50. Buy $350, Save $100. Use code: LEV50-SAVEMORE, LEV100-SAVEMORE at checkout. Expires 2/04/15
Accordia Levolor 9/16" Room Darkening shades have a soft, yet classic look, and their cellular construction provides energy efficiency and beauty. This shade eliminates 90% of the light entering a wi ... (read more or see colors)
4.5  out of 5

Accordia 9/16" Single Cell Room Darkening Levolor
4.5  out of 5

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Levolor Buy $250, Save $50. Buy $350, Save $100. Use code: LEV50-SAVEMORE, LEV100-SAVEMORE at checkout. Expires 2/04/15
Accordia Levolor 9/16" Room Darkening shades have a soft, yet classic look, and their cellular construction provides energy efficiency and beauty. This shade eliminates 90% of the light entering a window, and is Levolor's best insulating shade (3.8 fabric R-Value). Ideal for media rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms, and available in 20 colors, Levolor's Evening Star Room Darkening combines efficiency and design. Plus, the unique 9/16 cell size is proportional on any size window, small or large.

Safe and easy to operate, cordless shades are spring-motor activated so that the shades function with a simple push or pull on the bottomrail. If you prefer not to go cordless, you can choose the standard lift system or the continuous cord loop (great for larger shades).

Seamless fabric that provides an uninterrupted look is available for standard shades up to 144 in width, or up to 120 in width for cordless. The shade features neutral backing for a uniform exterior view. All hardware is color-coordinated to match fabric.

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Product Specifications Need Help?  
Levolor Accordia 9/16" Single Cell Room Darkening
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 6"
  • Maximum Single Shade Width: 120'
  • Minimum Height: 6"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 3/8"
  • Max width Top Down/Bottom Up: 72"
  • Max width Continuous Cordloop: 144"
  • Max width Cordless: 120"
  • Made in: USA
Mounting Requirements

Product Options Need Help?  
Levolor Accordia 9/16" Single Cell Room Darkening

Standard Options:
Accordia 9/16" Single Cell Room Darkening4.556171
Cordless feature doesn't work wellThe cordless feature for bottom up and top down does not work. First, the top up will not stay up and leaves a 1"-2" gap from the frame. This allows plenty of light to shine through. If you happen to get the top to stay in place then the bottom rides up. Second the plastic tabs to move the blind up and down is difficult to grab and move. I would not buy the blinds with the cordless bottom up / top down. if you read this then advise if there is a fix .January 2, 2011
Top Down Never UPPurchased $9000.00 order of Levolor TopDown /Bottom Up blinds. They are the most inferior blind I have ever seen. They will not stay up consistently at the top, I was convinced something had been left out of the assembly of the blind. Levolor just emailed me after a week of waiting to see what could be done. They say credit /remake denied. Offered a blind cleat to keep the top from sagging down. WOW... that is amazing. The problem is the windows are tall and that will be a real problem to get a ladder out everytime you want to use the feature of top down.October 14, 2008
Blackout? 99% of light blockage?This appears to be a lot more than 1% light getting through. They call these "blackout", but a lot of light gets through.September 1, 2011
Blinds.Com - Quality and Customer ServiceTo whoever reads this review - Over the past 12 months I have completely outfitted my home with window covers from I installed them all myself and each time I was ready to get additional blinds for the other rooms - the great quality in the product and great customer service throughout the order and delivery process brought me back. On my last order placed in early December - I called the customer service line, instead of just ordering from the website, and spoke with Jeremy J. - got to tell you that he was outstanding in assisting me with getting exactly what I needed to finish the guest bedroom. I was so impressed, that I went ahead and ordered high-end levelor blinds for the master bedroom. His recommendations (I have one window that is about 140" wide) on order sizing and number of blinds enabled me to easily install and provide the exact aesthetics I was hoping for.Thank youJanuary 6, 2015
Not so goodI am on my third re-make of these blinds. When lowering and raising to/from the top, these blinds do not stay level (I upgraded to complete cordless top down/bottom up). Also, I do not like how far these blinds stick out when inside mounted. I did have the minimum space to do inside mount , but the blinds still stick out so far, that the light comes in from the side. Also BE AWARE that Levelor does a 3/8 inch deduction for inside mount which is huge!!! I recommend making your own 1/8 to 1/2 inch allowance and ordering them EI (Exact inside mount). Overall, I do not think getting these blinds cordless & top down/bottom up is a good idea for the increased cost.April 2, 2008
No Problems and Great BlindsSuper blinds, arrived sooner than promised and went up with ease. Absolutely great service and have already showed friends how well the blinds work AND how easy they were to install. Also, I measured properly too.December 29, 2014
nice blinds, but "room darkening not worthwhileThese are nice blinds. We like the combination of top-down bottom-up (allows us to choose the best setting for privacy and light) and cordless blinds (safer and more attractive).One thing that was not really worth it was choosing "room darkening" rather than blackout blinds. We wanted to be sure to block any outside light during the night (these are in our bedroom), but thought it would be nice to let a little light come through the blinds during the day, so we paid extra to get room darkening blinds, which are said the block 90% of light rather than 100%, thinking they'd let in a little daytime glow. Well, this didn't work at all. Our blinds are inside mount, and the cracks of light that seep in at either side of the blind make the tiny amount that comes through the blinds imperceptible. Only in early morning light can you see that there is a little bit of glow through the blind in the east window. I wouldn't bother with this feature again for an inner-mount window.November 10, 2012
excellent black out sent these shades out very quickly and they arrived a lot sooner than expected. Instructions were easy to follow and installation was a breeze. These black out shades do just that, and I did add an extra 1/8" to the width of the window measurements after reading some reviews and seeing the spec on how much they substract. They fit perfectly and I definitely would not add more than 1/8".The only disappointment was the color I chose (cream) turned out a little darker than imagined, even after getting a swatch. I was hoping for more of an off-white look but it turned out very yellow/mustard. I think it's hard to imagine it when the swatch is so small and the end product has a much bigger effect.June 12, 2009
Very classyThis is my third order recently. If you order one of the blinds you will never order from any other company. The quality, durability, looks, etc. is exceptional. The blinds speak for themselves. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. Super easy to install as well. (20 minutes at the most). The customer service is like none I have dealt with in a long time. Very knowledgeable, courteous, professional & willing to accommodate in any way possible.November 17, 2014
Great Product and ServicesAfter pricing blinds at the local retail store, I went on line in search of a company that may beat the local retailer's price. was here I ended up. The blinds were the same quality as the retail store and cheaper! Delivery was very prompt and precise as their anticipated delivery estimate. I am going to order more blinds and would definitely order from this company again.January 29, 2008
Very pleased with LevolorWe are very pleased with our Levolor honeycomb shades. Quality of the fabric is excellent and they look beautiful. Ordering from was easy. Loved that I could order free samples for selecting the right color and compare quality between brands.March 19, 2013
Evening Star Blackout Single Cell ShadePurchased cordless version and they are excellent, easy to install and useDecember 10, 2007
Great Experince and Great SavingsWe purchased 5 Levolor cellular blinds of varying sizes from The sales staff was very helpful and cordial. I called several times before deciding to buy. The free samples were most helpful in making the final selection. The website provides detailed instructions on measuring and hanging the blinds. The blinds arrived sooner than the estimated date and hanging them was a simple chore with a power drill and screwdriver. The price was significantly less than estimates provded by several blind retailers. I would definitely recommend buying from 18, 2012
Good value, work wellThese blinds came well packaged, they were easy to install. The only gripe I have is that they do let in light around the edges. I even added extra as was suggested by others. You would need to use them with drapes if you don't want any light to come in around the blinds. Otherwise, they block the light very well.March 15, 2010
UndecidedAfter much investigation and samples, I went with these shades, Levolor Accordia, to replace 15 yr. old Hunter Douglas that were damaged. I purchased 5 shades of Designer texture, room darkening. The product appearance is beautiful, however after installation, 2 of 4 top down/ bottom up shades perform terribly. 2 larger French door shades are fine, and one bath shade is bottom up only. These 2 smaller shades are interior mounted- 23" x 46". When the top down function is used they bow out and do not stack down neatly, almost like they are stretched out. I tried many times to look at the cords and see if I was doing something wrong and to remedy but nothing worked. I looked online to troubleshoot but no info for this was available, and honestly I was not happy that I was having to search "how to fix" brand new shades. I called Levolor/Kirsch to ask for help and explained the problem. The representative told me that perhaps the cords were not installed properly and they are replacing these 2 shades. I have not received these yet.I am happy with their response but not happy that a more highly rated product was defective. Installation of brackets was easy but snapping the shade in was a bit daunting. I am hoping they can be removed and replaced easily. It remains to be seen if I really would recommend this product.May 30, 2014
Fabulous blindsThese blinds are great. Feel they are a wonderful value and will hold up well over time.November 30, 2014
Great Service!I rarely write product reviews but felt the need to do so this time because of the great experience with First, ordering was a breeze. The step-by-step directions were wonderful. I did not worry about ordering the wrong size because guarantees that they will take back products that do not fit. Well, I didn't have to worry about returning the binds I ordered, they fit perfectly. The color was the same as depicted online too! Second, costumer service was great. I received an email prior to the arrival of my blinds with detailed directions on how to install the blinds! Wonderful experience. I will definitely order future blinds from!June 26, 2013
Blackout ShadesI purchased the Levelor Evening Shade blackout shades and am happy with the quality and appearance. However, a note of caution to others considering any brand of blackout shade - if you have only one window in the room where you will be installing them, i.e., no other light source, these shades will appear very dark on the inside of your room, even when partially pulled up. I ordered the Everglade color, which is beautiful, but I honestly can't tell the color of shade unless I shine a light source on it, even in the middle of the day. If your room has other windows, then this would probably not be an issue.March 19, 2008
wouldnt buy againThese were not that easy to install. They also sag at the top for some reason which lets a lot of light through. Also they are locked in position which they dont tell you in the instructions. The cords are cheap and thin. Bali is less expensive and made much nicer. I wouldnt pay for this brand again.February 18, 2014
blindsother than a little misunderstanding at first the blinds came and were exact in size and exactly what I wanted.they also help with insulation of windows. Im 67 and had no trouble installing them.November 12, 2014
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