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Brand: Bali
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Bali VertiCell Shades offer style and energy efficiency of Cellular Shades with a convenient side-opening design. VertiCell Shades provide a stylish way to insulate wide windows and patio doors. 3/8" ... (read more or see colors)
4.4  out of 5

VertiCell 3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering Bali
4.4  out of 5

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Save 15% - All Bali Brand Window Treatments. Use code: APRIL-BALISALE at checkout. Expires 4/22/15
Bali VertiCell Shades offer style and energy efficiency of Cellular Shades with a convenient side-opening design. VertiCell Shades provide a stylish way to insulate wide windows and patio doors. 3/8" Double Cell shades boast a sophisticated honeycomb design and superior insulation and sound absorption.

These vertically-oriented cellular shades feature two movable side rails with locking handles for ease of operation; this allows the shade stack to be positioned on the right, left or in the center.

A sleek headrail design and no external cords provides an attractive look while being safer for homes with children.

To see matching cellular shades click here: Bali Diamondcell 3/8 Northern Lights, Storm

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Product Specifications Need Help?  
Bali VertiCell 3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 13"
  • Maximum Width: 192"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 96"
  • Inside Mount Width Deduction: 3/8"
  • Inside Mount Height Deduction: 1/2"
  • Stack for widths less than 72": 9 1/2"
  • Stack for widths 72" to 120": 13 1/4"
  • Made in: Mexico
Mounting Requirements

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Bali VertiCell 3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering

Standard Options:
VertiCell 3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering4.453947
If OnlyFirst of all the instructions are adequate not great. Need to know what you are doing. Also expect to make some adjustments to cords and rails for perfect operation.The blinds look great I wish I could say the same for the ordering process. We covered 3 sliding doors all blinds were 96" tall. Note we ordered samples of colors and did not know that they were not available in that length until we tried to place order. The stack width was our main concern and is not explained properly or correctly on the web site. We thought this might be a problem so we sent photographs and called the order in. The people we spoke to had to contact Bali and I guess Bali doesn't have the correct answers.All three blinds we narrower than what we wanted. Also, they were not consistant with the differences between the three different blinds. I don't think is entirely to Blaim because when I called Bali they gave me incorrect information.We decided to keep them as returning them would have been a major hassle. On box was 16'long and you pay an oversize shipping charge that you are not told about up front. Also, the blinds will work in our application but they each should have been 10 -14" wwider. Exercise caution when ordering because of stack sizeJune 27, 2013
Would recommend with some reservationsOverall, the blinds look nice when mounted.The pros:1) quality of fabric and coloring looks great (Glacier, Northern Lights)2) Can adjust from both ends. So, you can vary the size to block sun (or neighbors) while still allowing a view3) Cut perfectly for usThe cons:1) Difficult to install. Instructions were not entirely clear. You have to pay careful attention to the pictures to figure out what to do. That being said, even a novice like me can get it done, but it took me 4 hours to do. In contrast, I hung 10 window blinds in 3.5 hours the night before.2) The cords that run along the headrail are difficult. Oh god, the cords. They tangled so badly it took me hours to untangle them. Keep them taped to the sides until you need to set them into the headrail. I cut them loose far too early.3) The left and right outermost parts that run lenthwise (up and down) and that mate with the headrail are a different color (off-white) from the color of the blinds. So, it stands out and I'm not sure whether I like that contrast yet.4) Had to adjust the left-most metal wheel because it would not slide into headrail. Did so by loosening bolts until it was able to slide in. I thought that was sloppy workmanship, and should have been caught at factory -- cause me some frustration before figuring it out.March 10, 2014
Great for my patio doorI bought these for my patio door and to match some horizontal cellular blinds I already have on my windows. Previously I also had a horizontal blind on the door but because of the weight, it had gears in the head rail which stripped out after several years. Anyway I prefer the look of these vertical blinds to the horizontal on a large surface like a patio door and the opening and closing is much easier. Note that these blinds do require some assembly, sliding the top of the blinds into the head rail and routing some strings (on springs and under tension) across the head rail which, depending on your pain threshold, may involve some frustration. Also if you want the entire window/door uncovered when the blinds are open, size them to allow some space for the collapsed blinds on the side.December 5, 2011
Beautiful but an install effortI spent a day and a half installing one VertiCell blind for a patio door. The result looks great, but here are are plenty of install gotchas.1- I measured length very carefully, but received blinds several inches too long and had to reinstall the brackets. No explanation of why.2- Cords are used at the top of the blinds to control something never explained in any support material. These cords should have been set properly at the factory, but weren't.3- If you use a projection mount, be sure to attach it to the wall bracket with the bolt on the bottom and the nut on top. This requirement shows faintly in the install sheet, but is easy to miss and can cause hours of frustration.Overall, the blind looks great and the attendants say I'll get out of the strait-jacket tomorrow, for sure.July 24, 2013
Verticle BlindsThese Bali verticle sliding double cell blinds are great. It is very clever the way they stack and move anywhere along the width of the rail. They look great and were not that hard to assemble and install. it took a couple of hours. We needed 126X90 inches so obviously it took two of us to mount them. I saved a lot of money over the equivalent Hunter Douglas blinds and the quality is great. We have used all over the house and will continue to do so.May 7, 2010
Verticell blinds for doorwallI love the effect of the Verticell blinds as opposed to traditional verticals. I would order again in a heartbeat. However, next time I would keep in mind that the color is not true to the discription. I would stick with white or off white. My Storm/Cognac looks more purple than tan or brown as I had expected.I had estimate from our local blind dealer and they were about $800 more installed. So price wise these were quite a deal. Well worth the savings to go through 1, 2011
measuring for blindsI love the verticell blinds for my patio, however be careful when measuring. When I read the guidelines for measuring, it stated to use the narrowest measurement vertically and horizontally. The distance on the top was wider than the bottom by an inch, so now I have a gap on the top. I would have been better off taking the wider measurement on this blind.March 6, 2015
verticell blindsEasy to install. Not thrilled with the color and should have paid extra for a nicer color, but was kind of hard to tell by the pictures. I got an off white and they just kind of look like they are just dirty. Everything else is great. I like the the way they open from both sides.May 25, 2010
Bali vertical 3/8" blindsI have now purchased these blinds for two sliding doors in my home. The installation was easy, they look clean, neat and Great! There are no cords to get in the way. We liked the first one we got at J.C. Penneys and then went hunting on line and bought the 2nd blind at for even less than the discounted blind from Penneys. We are very satisfied with the blinds and plan to purchase at least one or two more for our condo in Florida.January 18, 2010
Purchasing Window CoveringsMy disappointing experiences shopping for window coverings at various big box stores led me to try services on-line. was recommended on a radio show I listen to so I turned to them after waiting for samples that NEVER came from the Sears website. Having a chat session as well as 2 Skype sessions with a consultant was very helpful in placing an accurate order. Even so, I had to quickly contact the company for a change in dimension and that correction went smoothly. Installation was not as easy as I had hoped but the CEO and customer service gave me direct contact with the manufacturer who gave very clear instructions on the detail I was experiencing problems. All is well now.September 11, 2013
I am done with verticals!!these shades were perfect in place of verticals. cool modern look. A little tricky to install but not as bad as I anticipated. Looks amazing.October 9, 2012
not easy to installcords were all tangled and it took a full night and morning to untangle and the adjustment was off also...put a phone call into and they could not help, but had a rep from the company contact us within the shades but it takes alot of patience and time to install..maybe the second time will be easierMay 10, 2012
The instructions are detailed.Go slow and allow plenty of time. Just follow along and it will work. Watch you cords. We had to undo 2 of them, cord got on the wrong track or folded over before we threaded the blind onto the head rai. Great product for a great price.lApril 21, 2013
Bali vertiglideTerrible product. Installer spent 2.5 hours trying to install, but the shade just wouldn't work. is having it remade at their expense. Customer service with Elena has been great. I guess I will se if the remake works.December 28, 2011
another good experienceI've always been delighted with the quality of's products. I wasn't crazy about the idea of a vertical standing blind, but it was a necessity for our sliding glass doors and works well to keep light out.April 9, 2012
disappointed in cheap looking, contrasting plasticI love my bali shades but, I was quite disappointed in the verticell blind because I ordered all 3 in the same color of green to match, as they are side by side. I did not realize that although the header on the window blinds perfectly matches the fabric, on the vertical shade; the header and the side pieces are cream color... This is VERY unattractive and I dont see why the header and sides cannot be made out of the exact same plastic material as on the shades, so that everything blends and looks as fabulous as the shades do.October 2, 2013
VertiglideWhen in open position, covered too much of doorwall -June 28, 2010
Color not what I had hoped for.I love everything about the blinds but the color. I accepted the color of spa green shown on the website which looked much more sage-like but the actual color wasn't anything close. The blinds themselves are wonderful but the color in my rooms are awful to say the least. I wish I would have asked for a sample because I know they cannot be returned. I will never order them via Internet again for fear of receiving the wrong shade and having to live with it. I feel like I have wasted $800.June 22, 2011
first time installingit looks good but not very easy to install also we had to call customer serive to find out why the cord was hanging to low from the head rail we where told to hold the button down on open and close the shade afew times but it still looked alittle low I'm just glad my customer didn't say anything about the cordMarch 3, 2013
Truth---Satisfaction guaranteed!Customer service is the BEST I have ever encountered for an online product. Some of our shades were defective and were replaced/credited without us having to justify. Satisfaction guaranteed isn't just a slogan, it's the truth!December 1, 2013
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