Don’t be intimidated by arched windows – they may seem like a problem to cover, but custom arched window coverings are simple and beautiful. Before exploring new window treatments for arched windows, determine if you have ‘perfect arches.’ A ‘perfect arch’ is a window arch with height exactly one half of its width. Several arched window treatment options only accommodate this type of arch, so be sure to take precise measurements before falling in love with a design.

Cellular Arch

Cellular arches are a beautiful way to cover your arched windows. These can be made to cover nearly any size or shape at a great price. They're made from a soft-spun material and feature a honeycomb interior with insulating properties. They're available in a variety of fashion-forward colors, so don't be afraid to introduce a little boldness into the room!

Best Arched Window Treatments

Composite Arch

Composite wood arches bring a striking look to an arched window, and also give you the option of light control. Since they’re made of a composite material, you won’t need to worry about your window treatment breaking or warping. You can opt for a sunburst style arch to allow some sunlight into the room, or a blackout-style arch to darken the room from outside light while still giving the appearance of a slat construction.

Draperies and Arches

You can also combine draperies with your arched window treatment for a stunning combination. A straight-rod drapery that can also cover an arched window is a truly striking look – try sheer draperies for an open, airy feel.


Yes, although a little trickier than conventional windows, we can have custom blinds or shades made to cover any and all arches

Yes, we can have a custom made fit to ensure the entire arch is covered from top to bottom

Yes, we have a range of light filters that can diffuse light to varying degrees with blackout shades blocking light completely

We personally recommend cellular shades due to their insulation and blackout properties. Our other recommendation would be shutters for a more built-in look.