Bay windows are a beautiful design statement for the home. Whether they flood your living room with sunlight during the day or allow a cozy view into your yard from a breakfast nook in the kitchen, bay windows make an impressive impact. Your window treatments should match the elegance and style of your bay window – take a look at our inspiration guide below for bay window treatment ideas!

What to Consider for Bay Window Treatments

The biggest challenge in covering a bay window is finding a product that is shallow enough to meet closely in the angles where your windows come together. For bay windows, it's always a good idea to choose a product with a small headrail for for visual appeal and function. Bulky window treatments with large headrails will protrude far out of your window and will leave large gaps in the corners where your windows meet. Smaller products will fit closer together for more light coverage and privacy. These considerations are dependent on your windows, so working with a design consultant is ideal.

Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

If your bay windows have a shallow sill depth, wood or faux wood blinds are a perfect solution since they can fit in small window spaces. Bring the desirable, natural look of real wood into your kitchen bay window without having to worry about humidity damage or warping. A 1” wood or faux wood blind options are slim, meaning they will have smaller gaps where the blinds meet if you are treating individual windows in the bay.

Roman Shades

A classic choice for any window treatment, Roman shades are an excellent consideration for bay windows. When mounting inside a bay window, the contemporary and clean appearance is sure to make a decorative statement. We recommend going cordless with your Roman shades to maintain a crisp, neat appearance and avoid unsightly cords and tangling.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades can fit into almost any space, which makes installation a breeze for bay windows. They provide great light filtering options with easy access to privacy. You can choose from a variety of color and fabric options, allowing your shades to fit a bay window in any room. Since cellular shades are slim, they will have smaller gaps where the shades meet if you are treating multiple windows in close proximity. Cellular shades can turn a bay window into a more approachable contemporary space, which can be a nice contrast to traditional bay window treatments that rely on heavy drapes or valances.