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Why choose vinyl blinds for your home?

Vinyl blinds are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Here's why:

  • Vinyl blinds are available in a beautiful array of materials, including plaza fabrics, grass cloth, grass weave, stenciled fabrics, tactics slats.
  • Vinyl blinds are an excellent choice for rooms where light control is needed.

What kind of features are available with vinyl window blinds? Custom window coverings can be upgraded in more ways than just color and style. Here are just a few options that are available with vinyl blinds:

  • Routeless: Want less light? With routeless blinds, your vinyl blinds would not have visible holes for the cord to pass through, meaning more privacy and less light leakage.
  • Cloth Tapes: Choose from different styles of fabric to add class to your vinyl blinds. This decorative and stylish upgrade also covers route holes, increases privacy and decreases light leakage.
  • Motorized Lift: With a motorized lift upgrade, your vinyl blinds can be raised or lowered at the push of a button.