Don’t overlook your bathroom window treatments. Depending on the size and location of your bathroom windows, you might want to downplay or emphasize them to make your small bathroom appear larger or control the light in the room. You also want bathroom blinds that can stand up to humidity. Here you can shop our selection of blinds and shades that are best for the bathroom.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds can be a great addition to your bathroom. They mirror the appearance of real wood blinds, but boast a more economical price. If you install real wood blinds in a bathroom, they could warp, crack or fade. Faux wood blinds, on the other hand, are ideal for withstanding humidity and heat, so choose a solid painted finish or premium stain finish and give your bathroom a makeover!

For additional privacy, you can install optional privacy slats to make sure you’re covered.

Best Bathroom Window Treatments

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are a classic, versatile choice for a bathroom window treatment. They’re affordable, sturdy, and simple – choose a color that compliments your bathroom décor and enjoy the quick access to privacy.

Roller Shades

Another option for your bathroom windows are roller shades. Whether you need complete light blocking capabilities or general room darkening, roller shades will give you privacy and comfort. We recommend a continuous loop clutch, which allows you to easily stop the shade in any position. Let in as much or as little light into your bathroom as you want while still remaining stylish. Choose a vinyl material for your roller shades so they’ll be easy to wipe down and clean if mildew should build up.

Faux Wood Shutters

Do you love traditional décor? Composite or faux wood shutters can be an affordable solution for a classic look in your bathroom. Our Norman Woodlore Composite Shutters are treated with a hard coating which gives them long-lasting durability and are resistant to fading, warping, yellowing, scratching, denting, and moisture damage.


French doors are one of the most sophisticated architectural elements you can have in your home. These double doors can be a beautiful gateway between rooms of your house, or serve as a frame to an outside patio or stunning view. 

We recommend roman shades, roller shades and cellular shades.

We recommend roller shades due custom opacity for sunlight, full roll up, easy customizability and its durability in conjunction with its ease of cleaning.

We recommend cellular shades due to their tight stacking for good view, customizability, insulation feature and its durability making it low maintenance.

We recommend roman shades due to their light filtering properties and ability to be mounted with shallow brackets.