Window treatments in your bedroom may be the most important design feature in your home. Privacy and light control takes precedence over almost every other feature, but there’s no reason to sacrifice style in favor of function! Make sure to choose your bedroom window coverings with care – has a wide variety of options for the perfect bedroom window fit.

Roman Shades

Your bedroom can be an extension of your personality, a place just for you to unwind. Roman Shades allow the greatest versatility in design – choose a bold pattern to match your personal style or a solid color to compliment your favorite piece of art. You can also add a blackout lining to your Roman shade for additional light control in your bedroom. No matter what you choose, Roman Shades combine style with functionality as a perfect asset to your bedroom design.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Cellular Shades

Consider cellular shades for the bedroom – they offer benefits such as insulation, privacy, and light filtration, all at top value and easy installation. If you work nights or like to sleep in on those lazy weekend mornings, a blackout cellular shade will completely block out external light. We offer hundreds of fabric options, so you’ll be able to match any paint color perfectly!

Another great option for bedroom cellular shades is a Day Night feature - it adds a full shade made of sheer shade fabric above the light filtering shade, which grants completely customizable light control.

Roller Shades

Looking to decorate a guest room on a budget? Roller shades can offer the same privacy and style found in other window treatments, but at a value-driven price along with easy installation. Opt for blackout roller shades to maintain ease of use while also blocking unwanted sunlight. For inside mounts, you can avoid light gaps by ordering and installing Light Gap Blockers - an easy installation will eliminate sunlight from getting through the sides of your roller shades.

Curtains and Draperies

If you’re looking for that last finishing touch for your new bedroom window treatments, consider layering draperies on top of blinds or shades. You can maximize the style of your bedroom by pairing a pleated or grommet drapery over a Roman Shade or cellular shade – you’ll get even greater privacy and light control while also giving your windows high-end style. Opt for a floor-to-ceiling drapery to make your bedroom feel taller and control unwanted sunlight.


The bedroom is your private area meant for rest and relaxation. For optimal sleep, we recommend blackout shades or curtains. Avoid products like Solar Shades which have sheer fabrics that do not provide nighttime privacy. 

We recommend sheer shades, wood blinds, faux woods blinds, and solar shades.

We recommend roller shades, bamboo shades, faux wood shutters or curtains.

We recommend cellular shades, shutters, roller shades or bamboo shades. Add the blackout feature to also prevent any uv rays from getting in.