Cordless Lift Buying Guide

A Cordless Lift upgrade allows you to raise and lower your blinds or shades with style and ease. This upgrade will enhance the appearance of your room by eliminating the visual distraction of unsightly cords, leaving your windows with clean, unobstructed views.

Since a Cordless Lift upgrade uses no cords to raise or lower your window treatments, they are usually - but now always - a safer option for homes with small children and pets. Always check your product’s page to see if it’s a safer option.

To lower your shade, simply pull on the handle or bottom rail to the desired position. To raise your shade, gently push the bottom rail up. The shade will hold in place, making the process smooth and convenient. You can also choose Cordless Lift in combination with a Top-Down/Bottom-Up system.

Please note that Cordless Lift systems are not ideal for tall windows.

For elegant design, ease of use and increased safety, a Cordless Lift upgrade is a popular choice for the home.