Looking to improve the look and value of your home, but at a lower cost than real wood shutters? Explore our full selection of faux wood shutters, and don’t forget – you can always speak with an expert design consultant over the phone by calling 1-800-505-1905.

Faux Wood Shutters | What To Know Before You Buy

Faux Wood Shutter Features

The timeless style of interior shutters is simply unmatched, and these window treatments also help improve the value of your home. However, not all shutters work well in every room of the house or every budget. Thankfully, you can get the real wood appearance at a reduced cost with faux wood shutters. Made of composite material, these shutters are a bit more on the budget-friendly side for those who want shutters but don’t want to go all-in on real wood. Additionally, unlike real wood, these shutters are better suited for areas with high moisture such as a bathroom or kitchen, especially above the sink.

Faux wood shutters are excellent insulators as well as noise reducers. Control both light and noise entering or exiting your home while also reducing your energy bills. These interior shutters also can be available with a motorized option for convenient, hands-free operation.

Faux Wood Shutter Considerations

  • Faux wood shutters work well in areas that are humid or prone to moisture, such as bathrooms or above kitchen sinks. Real wood shutters can warp or crack under extended exposure to moisture.
  • Faux wood shutters are less expensive than real wood shutters and have a nearly identical appearance.
  • Because of their composite materials, faux wood shutters resist fading, warping, yellowing, scratching, denting, moisture damage, and staining.
  • Due to their size and weight, installation can be tricky. Our experts can help with installation questions at 1-800-505-1905. We also offer professional services to handle the entire shutter process, from measuring to installation


Faux wood shutters are a great choice for those that want elegance but cost effectiveness. They are made of either woodcore or hollowcore. Woodcore have a rigid center making them extremely durable and the Outer PVC layer makes it easy to clean, this is the best choice for the closets to that "wood" like feel. Hollowcore are light so can be used for large windows and are excellent insulators as they trap air effectively, great for lowering electricity bills.

Yes, due to the composite material, faux wood shutters are extremely easy to clean. They can be wiped with warm soapy water to remove dirt or grime. 

Yes, faux wood shutters give a natural, timeless look to any home and allows extremely customizability from tones, styles and colors.

Due to the composite material they are made of, faux wood shutters are extremely durable, they resist fading, warping, yellowing, denting, moisture damage and staining

Yes, faux wood shutters allow you to control how much light can enter your home by simply opening its slats and can even fully stop light entering except on the edges of the window which would require a special customization

Yes, faux wood shutters offer excellent insulation from light and temperature. They are are made with hollow louvers that trap air, contributing to their excellent temperature insulating abilities.