A Top-Down/Bottom-Up upgrade provides added light control, privacy and style over other lift options.

Since standard shades raise and lower from the bottom of the shade, they’re somewhat limited in their ability to control light and maintain privacy. Top-Down/Bottom-Up helps to overcome this by allowing you to lower your shade from the top down, raise your shade from the bottom up, or a combination of both. For even more convenience, certain shades can be upgraded with a Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up system.

For increased privacy, simply lower your shade from the top down to allow natural light into the room while still covering the bottom of your window. This is particularly beneficial for blackout shades or other light-filtering materials, since you can still have privacy during the times you want to let in light.

Our Top-Down/Bottom-Up feature helps make your room brighter and more stylish by allowing a view to the sky outside.

Benefits of Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades