Vertical cellular shades are ideal to cover sliding patio doors in a way that matches other windows in the room while providing a range of light filtering options. Explore our full selection of options for vertical cellular shades, and don’t forget – you can always speak with an expert design consultant over the phone by calling 1-800-505-1905.

Vertical Cellular Shades - What to Know Before You Buy

Vertical Cellular Shade Features

Vertical cellular shades (or honeycomb shades) bring all the benefits of normal cellular shades to your sliding doors! Constructed the same as standard honeycomb shades, these vertical shades can be made to match existing shades in the home with the patio door to give a uniform style.

Like the cellular shades in other windows, vertical cellular shades provide a range of light filtering options. Gently diffuse the light coming through the sliding door or go with blackout for maximum blockage. Cellular shades also provide insulating benefits by design, so applying them to a large open space of a sliding patio door can help cut down energy costs.

Vertical Cellular Shade Considerations

  • Vertical cellular shades do not have slats that can be tilted open or closed, limiting the flexibility of light control.
  • Vertical cellular shades are made of materials that can absorb moisture and odor. While they work well for covering and insulating sliding doors, they are not ideal for providing cover if the sliding door is open or screened.


Vertical cellular shades, also known as vertical honeycomb shades, are made with the same fabric as standard cellular shades but with the pleats running up and down. This allows the fabric to be collapsed to the left or right of the window, and is a great solution for floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding glass doors.

Vertical cellular shades are easy to clean, all that is required is some brushing and light vacuuming with a brush-head to maintain its luster. For stains, mild dish soap and a cloth is all that is required to remove them, make sure to blot, not scrub.

Vertical cellular shades are as durable as due to their construction for insulation which outmatches is blinds contemporaries. 

Yes, vertical cellular shades give large windows full light coverage because they are made from a solid piece of fabric. Choose a blackout fabric for maximum light control. 

Yes, vertical cellular shades are extremely energy efficient due to their honeycomb design that traps air against the window. This allows them to insulate both against the heat and the cold.

Yes, vertical cellular shades are a great modern décor choice that are perfect for any room due to their customizability