Vinyl Blinds Features

Vinyl blinds are an extremely popular window treatment option. With sleek style, excellent light control, and the option to upgrade your window treatments, they’re a versatile option for most homes. Whether you’re looking for something functional for your home or something stylish, vinyl blinds provide a modern look at a great price.

Vinyl blinds are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Vinyl blinds are available in a beautiful array of materials, including grass cloths, grass weaves, stenciled fabrics, and texture slats.

Vinyl blinds are easy to operate for optimal light control. They’re a great choice for media rooms, offices, bedrooms, and nurseries when light control is important.

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Vinyl Blinds Upgrades

  • Routeless: Want less light? With routeless blinds, your vinyl blinds would not have visible holes for the cord to pass through, meaning more privacy and less light leakage.
  • Cloth Tapes: Choose from different styles of fabric to add class to your vinyl blinds. This decorative and stylish upgrade also covers route holes, increases privacy, and decreases light leakage.
  • Motorized Lift: Your vinyl blinds can be raised or lowered by remote control – the ultimate in convenience.


Vinyl blinds, sometimes referred to as vinyl mini blinds, are a flexible window treatment made of synthetic material, known for their versatility for both light control and style.

Yes, vinyl blinds are easy to clean due to their construction. They can be wiped with a soft cloth and warm soapy water since they are made of vinyl. 

Yes, vinyl blinds can significantly darken a room, but some light can shine in through the slats. 

Yes, vinyl blinds are very durable thanks to their moisture resistance. This allows them to survive harsh conditions such as humidity or direct exposure to sunlight.

Yes, they are quite popular due to the extensive customization available to them along with being in that sweet spot of durability, style and affordability.