Your custom window treatments are on their way! View commonly asked questions about order statuses, or contact us to learn more!

My tracking number is invalid!

Don't worry, this is normal! Like many other online retailers, we use a shipping method called zone skipping in order to provide you with free shipping and to ensure faster delivery times. This means your package won't be scanned into the system until it is within your delivery zone. Your tracking number may appear to be invalid until that time. If you placed your order within the last 5 calendar days, don't worry, your blinds are still on their way!

It's been longer than I thought it would take. Where are my blinds?!

Shipping times are extended if your order meets any of the following criteria:

  • You ordered more than 20 products.
  • Your blinds are more than 94" wide or require oversized shipping.
  • Your blinds are headed to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii.

Please allow additional time for your purchase to arrive.

I paid extra for oversized shipping and it still isn't here!

Freight shippers often prefer to schedule delivery of oversized orders. They will attempt to call you before delivery. Be sure to answer at the number you provided in order to schedule the best delivery time for your needs.

My product has been discontinued or placed on back order.

At times, products or colors are discontinued or placed on backorder by manufacturers with whom we work. We make every effort to remove discontinued items as soon as we are made aware of them and will notify you whenever we receive notice of any backorders.