Insulating Blinds

Use this helpful guide to find the best insulating window treatments.


Which Insulating Blind or Shade is Best for Your Window?

As much as 20% of your home's energy loss happens through your windows every year, which means finding the right window covering could go a long way toward saving money. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are your best bet for insulating window shades.

Single Cell Shades

Single cell shades, meaning a single layer of cells, generally use less material than double or triple cell shades. This makes them less expensive, but not quite as effective at insulating windows as a double cell shade. Single cell shades come with a wide variety of features, including cordless, top-down/bottom-up, blackout, room darkening and more.

Double Cell Shades

The more cell layers you add to your window, the better the insulation. Double cell cellular shades make your windows much more energy efficient, which can significantly lower your bills. Just like single cell shades, double cell shades come with a huge array of fabric options, color choices, styles and upgrades.

Triple Cell Shades

For the ultimate in insulating window treatments, triple cell shades are your ideal solution. With three layers of insulating material, there's no better way to protect your interior from the elements.

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Our Best Insulating Window Products

In addition to cellular shades, both shutters and draperies prove to be great insulating window treatments. Browse some of our best products for insulation below, and learn about their benefits.

Elegance Grommet Insulated Drapery

  • Insulating and room darkening
  • Perfect for media rooms, patios and large windows
  • Neutral ivory lining for a seamless appearance
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SlumberShade 3/8" Double Cell Shade

  • Combine energy efficiency and room darkening
  • Double cell construction cuts down on energy bills
  • Lots of fabrics and colors to choose from
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Ultra Insulating Triple Cell Shade

  • Triple cell construction for maximum insulation
  • Fully customizable
  • Choose from popular colors
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Norman Woodlore Shutters

  • Classic plantation shutters
  • Durable and eco friendly
  • Shutters are a stylish insulating choice
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Other Insulating Solutions

Want even more insulation for your windows? If you want to block even more air at your windows, there are multiple insulating solutions beyond cellular shades.


Draperies not only increase your home's privacy, they also help save money on monthly air conditioning bills during warmer months by blocking heat at the window, and help you save on heating in the winter by keeping your warm air inside the house.


Shutters are also very good insulators because they are the thickest, tightest fitting window coverings. They successfully prevent the transmission of air between the window covering and the glass of the window, which reduces energy costs.

Combining Treatments

Mix and match insulating window treatments to get the most insulation possible. Combining cellular shades with draperies, or shutters with draperies gives your window an extra bit of protection from leaking air. Layering drapes on top of cellular shades or shutters could help decrease energy bills.

Exterior Shades

Exterior shades are the best backyard solution to block harsh sunlight that can increase solar gain and raise your A/C bills. Use exterior shades to cover your patio windows from the outside and dramatically lower the temperature in your house that results from direct sunlight.


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