How to Repair Cellular Shades

Need some help fixing or repairing your cellular shades? We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions and common issues.

Always refer to your specific product guide for additional assistance. Don’t forget – you can call us for service assistance at 800-505-1905.

The bottom of my cellular shade does not hang evenly.

If you have a standard cord lift, this usually happens when the lift cords are uneven. To fix this, make sure the 2 (or more) lift cords all have the same tension, and are all at the same level.

For continuous cord loop, make sure the "c" clips are even to each other. You will see these attached to a long rod that runs from one end of the head rail to the other.

The cord loop on my cellular shades is frayed.

First, remove the control end cap by lifting the tab on the top of the headrail that locks the cap into place. The cap should then easily pop off. Remove the frayed cord loop by gently lifting the cord and turning the mechanism Tip: a screwdriver inserted into the center of the mechanism allows for easy rotation.

Start the new cord loop into the pulley by placing the cord into one of the teeth of the gear. Rotate the cord loop into place. Replace the control cap.

My cellular shades are noisy.

Sometimes on larger shades, the piece that keeps the long metal strips from rubbing against the headrail shifts out of position. This piece is a small plastic component that all the spears run through. Simply push this plastic component to the end of the metal spears to eliminate the noise.

My cordlock is innoperable.

Contact place of purchase for repair from the manufacturer.

How to Repair Cordless Cellular Shades

My cordless cellular shades are creeping or sagging.

Pull the bottom rail of the shade all the way down and give it a few firm tugs. this will reset the tension device and stop the sagging/ creeping.

My cordless cellular shades hang unevenly.

Pull the blind all the way down till the blind will not lower any further, then give the product a few firm tugs. this will level the bottom rail and reset the tension device.

Prevention Tip: Always lift your shade from the middle rather than the sides and do not lift too quickly as this creates slack in the cords.

My cordless cellular shades will not lift.

Gently pull down on the bottom rail to reactivate the spring. Tip: Anytime you leave your blinds in the closed position for an extended period of time, the spring will need to be reset in order to function properly.

My cordless cellular shades do not operate smoothly.

Look inside the headrail at the spring motor and check for friction clips. Remove 1 or all of the friction clips and check for improved operation.