How to Repair Roller Shades

Need some help fixing or repairing your roller shades? We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions and common issues.

Always refer to your specific product guide for additional assistance. Don’t forget – you can call us for service assistance at 800-505-1905.

My roller shade does not roll up all the way.

For a shade with a beaded chain or a cordless lift, please consult our service representative.

My roller shade does not roll up straight and “telescopes.”

Some fabrics tend to telescope to one side or the other when being rolled up. To fix this, unroll the shade until you can see where the fabric is attached to the roller, put a small piece of masking tape at the attachment on the opposite end from where the shade is telescoping. A second or even third piece can be placed on to fix more extreme telescoping issues.

Shade rolls up too fast / does not catch.

Decrease the tension by raising the shade to the top and removing it from the brackets. Unroll approximately 18" by hand and then replace in brackets. Repeat until proper tension is achieved.