How to Repair Vertical Blinds

Need some help fixing or repairing your vertical blinds? We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions and common issues.

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How to Repair Vertical Blinds

How to Remove a Vertical Vane or Slate

When you want to remove a vane, slide a thin flat object – a credit card, for example – up the vane on the hook side of the vane holder. Then slide the vane and card down and out of the vane holder (vane should slide out easily). If process seems too difficult, check to make sure that the vane is not sliding back onto the hook.

The control chain on my vertical blinds is difficult to operate.

For a rotation issue, begin by removing the control end cap. You will see a pulley with a rod in the center. On this rod is a round metal washer with a ragged center (looks like a star). Occasionally this push nut is attached too tightly during production. Just tap the control rod lightly on the opposite end of the headrail and this will loosen the push nut and the controls should operate more smoothly.

For an opening issue, sliding left to right on the end of headrail, opposite chain and cord, you will see a pulley and a smooth nylon cord. Ensure that the nylon cord is a groove of the pulley system. You may need to reset your cord tensioner after performing this repair.