Window treatments in your houseboat or yacht can have all the features and functionality you expect in your home on land. Don’t sacrifice comfort and privacy – window treatments from can make your boat feel more like home. Keep these factors in mind while upgrading your boat window treatments.

3 Important Factors to Consider for Boat Window Treatments

1.       Shades with insulating properties - such as cellular shades - keep the cool air inside while blocking heat from the outside. They also protect the interior of your yacht or boat from harmful UV rays.

2.      Rest easy knowing that your window treatments are resistant to mold and mildew with window treatments like roller shades. They're amazingly simple to keep clean and won't attract or absorb water.

3.       Most yachts and boats have small or oddly-shaped windows. Custom blinds - such as mini blinds - can be made to fit almost any size and are perfect for boat windows with limited depth.

Roller Shades

  • Resistant to moisture and mildew buildup
  • Opacity options allow for different degrees of light control
  • Simple operation grants immediate privacy when needed
  • Amazingly easy to clean

Mini Blinds

  • Customizable to fit almost any sized windows
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Resistant to moisture

Cellular Shades

  • Insulating properties allow light to enter while blocking heat and UV rays
  • Light filtering and privacy options
  • Extremely easy to operate