RV owners can also have fashionable blinds or shades in their campers. With cleanliness and functionality as important factors to consider, these tips will help you make your RV feel more like home.

Like other homeowners, RV dwellers want their décor to look chic and beautiful for their own enjoyment and for entertaining. Here are few things that anyone who owns a mobile home should consider when choosing blinds or shades:

  1. Curtains can incur more dust in mobile homes, and dust from the road can become easily trapped. Avoid heavy curtains if possible.
  2. Constant lowering to protect from the heat, and raising to see the night sky can wear blinds down more quickly.
  3. Operation in bumpy conditions driving the open road can lead to further damage.

Blinds allow for total privacy when it's necessary. Most places you'd park and sleep in an RV would provide little, if any, seclusion. Blinds will ensure that you're not woken up by strangers peeking through your windows.

RVs are extremely susceptible to sun damage, as are the people living inside of them. Blinds are a great way to insulate RVs, trap in air conditioning, and block out the sun.

3 Important Factors to Consider for RV Blinds or Shades

  1. Draperies in mobile homes can trap dust, especially after driving long distances. Avoid heavy draperies if possible.
  2. Constant opening and lowering of blinds or shades to protect against sun damage or temperature control can wear down your window treatments.
  3. Operation in bumpy conditions, such as driving on dirt roads, can lead to further damage.

Roller Shades

  • Amazingly easy to clean
  • Opacity options allow for different degrees of light control
  • Simple operation grants immediate privacy when needed

Cellular Shades

  • Excellent insulating properties can save energy and money
  • Light filtering and privacy options attainable through easy operation
  • Elegant style on a budget

Mini Blinds

  • Durable and easy to operate
  • Budget-friendly and long-lasting
  • Adjustable slats allow better light control and privacy


We recommend roller shades, aluminum/mini blinds or cellular shades. Roller shades are easy to clean, mini blinds can be customized to odd shapes for any windows and cellular shades are extremely budget friendly.

Roller shades are easy to clean and provide complete privacy when you need it. Full coverage and ease to clean is a must when you're parked in the middle of crowded campsite.

RV's have windows in all shapes and sizes, easily customizable blinds such as mini blinds are excellent and budget friendly option to counter this. 

With RV's being exposed to the elements, cellular shades not only protect the interior of your RV from harmful uv rays but also keep the cool air inside while blocking heat from the outside.