Cellular Blinds Cellular Blinds Cell shades give you the crisp, clean style and energy efficiency you expect from honeycomb shades, while maintaining affordability. Depending on your insulation needs, you can choose from single, double or even triple cell shades.

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Richly stained or painted, wood blinds give you a warm and inviting look. You can choose the Economy Wood Blind for a great look and quality at an affordable cost (with limited color and option choices) or choose to spend a bit more for the rich stains and exotic colors available with the Deluxe Wood Blinds.

View All Wood Blinds Faux Wood Blinds Faux Wood Blinds Faux Wood Blinds are the perfect choice if you want stylish, very durable and moisture resistant blinds. These durable blinds are cost effective and perfect for high humidity rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom. The 2" Faux Wood Blind is our most popular product due to being highly functional and economical.

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Want the classic look of custom workroom shades at a fraction of the cost? Roman Shades are tailored and sleek, made of fine drapery fabrics in a variety of styles, colors and textures. You can even get them in blackout fabrics to ensure you have complete light control.

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Perfect for covering sliding glass doors, Vertical Blinds give you a fairly inexpensive option for light control. Choose from fabric, smooth or embossed PVC, faux wood or even mirrored verticals to get the exact effect you desire. The vertical blinds also come standard with a heavy-duty track system for years of trouble use.

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