5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Decorate Your Windows for the Holidays

Natasha Ero | 05 Dec 2022 | Seasonal Trends

As the holidays inch closer, and we start trading in pumpkin spice lattes for peppermint mochas, it's time to start thinking about decorating for the holidays. While the tree is probably at the top of your list, there are other areas around the house that could also use some Christmas cheer, including your windows. We're sharing some of our favorite holiday window decorating ideas guaranteed to even impress the Grinch.

1. Drape Your Windows With Garland

If you're looking for a classic take on holiday decor, try hanging garland over your windows. The top-down/bottom-up feature on these Woven Wood Shades is ideal if you want privacy at eye level, while still bringing in plenty of natural light. If you want to go bigger, add a statement-making lighted garland to really highlight your windows.

Living room holiday display that includes garland and small wreath with red accent underneath.

Woven Wood Shades in Hana Silver. Via @sarahohome.

White kitchen with lit garland hanging above window over kitchen sink. There is a centerpiece on the island holding a large glass jar and two miniature Christmas trees.

Premium Roman Shades in Somerset Alabaster. Via @thesimplydistressed.

2. Deck Each Window With a Wreath

If you're looking to make a bold statement this holiday season, try arranging three small wreaths over your Easy Classic Pleat Draperies, using red ribbon to secure them. Add additional red accents around the room to bring the festive look together.

Holiday living room display with three small wreaths hanging on each window held by red ribbon.

Easy Classic Pleat Draperies in Starlight Winter White. Via @shopscoutstudios.

For a more minimalist look, center tiny wreaths on each window.

Two small wreaths hanging on interior window beneath light brown shades. Large white bathtub underneath. Gray slippers on top of a white bathmat. Miniature Christmas tree on a small wooden stool in the corner.

Woven Wood Shade in Banana Sisal Twist. Via @peace_in_the_valley.

Striped and gold ribbons are other great options if you want to go beyond the traditional red.

Two wreaths hanging on interior window beneath light brown shades. Lit Christmas tree in the corner. There is a circular wooden dining room table with white chair coverings.

Woven Wood Shades in Malay Oak. Via @chatfieldcourt.

Circular dining table with a bowl of fruit as the centerpiece. There is a wreath hanging on the interior of a square window with light brown shades underneath.

Premium Woven Wood Shades In Kula Coconut. Via @chrislovesjulia.

3. Let Shades Be Your Wreath Backdrop

You can also hang wreaths over each window, or directly on top of your shades. Opt for a statement-making wreath accented with colorful ribbon or arrange a series of small wreaths over shades.

Dining room with small wreath hanging on window held by striped ribbon.

Premium Roman Shades in Wilmington White. Via @veronabrit.

Single wreath hanging over window with dark brown shades. Ceiling is painted white accented with illustrations of blue birds.

Woven Wood Shades in Tibet Walnut. Via @prettyonfridays.

Wreaths placed above white bed with dark frame. Red rug underneath the bed.

Premium Roman Shades in Starlight Winter White. Via @thefinishedproject.

4. Place Tree in Front of a Window

If wreaths and garland aren't your thing, try placing your Christmas tree in front of a window. Be sure to decorate the back of your tree, so neighbors and Christmas carolers can see the soft glow as they pass by.

A lit Christmas tree decorated with silver and burgundy accents and topped with a gold star stands in front of a window.

Woven Wood Shade in Capri Maple. Via @caitlinmariedesign.

Lit Christmas tree topped with gold star placed in front of window in living room.

Faux Wood Blinds in White. Via @mchomeimprovements.

5. Hang Stockings Over Your Window

If you really want to turn up the wow factor on your holiday window display, try hanging stockings on your window. Stringing neutral-colored stockings over Woven Wood Shades gives you the chance to put a modern spin on a traditional holiday decoration.

A living room is decorated in red and white Christmas decorations. A Christmas tree covered in red and white decorations is in the corner. Neutral colored stockings are hung on the window.

Cordless Woven Wood Shade in Aruba Raffia. Via @currentlychic.

Now it's time to decorate!

Decorating windows for the holidays isn't as time-consuming as you may think. Incorporate a few of these tips in your holiday decorating arsenal this season for a festive window display sure to stand out above the rest!

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