Tips for Working From Home To Keep You Productive

Ashley Dennis | 01 Feb 2022 | Office

The team is no stranger to working from home. In 2017, we perfected our work from home strategy when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. As fully remote jobs continue to be the norm, we're sharing our top tips for staying productive while working from home.

1. Get Ready For The Day

Routines are super important for keeping you on track. Continue to get up early and get ready for the day the way you normally would. Without having to commute, you'll find you can slow down and take your time getting ready. Email specialist, Nicol, suggests enjoying a few moments of quietness over a cup of coffee before the day gets rolling. Also change out of your pajamas! This will get you in the right mindset and create some separation between your workday and your off time.

2. Optimize Your Space

Being prepared before the day starts will help minimize distractions. Before you sit down and start sorting through emails, get everything you need for the day and have it at the ready (coffee, water, pen and paper). Live chat representative Benjamin also recommends setting up multiple computer monitors so you don't lose what you're working on when flipping between tabs or windows.

3. Get Outside

Taking breaks and getting a change in surroundings will help keep you from going stir crazy. Take a short walk, get some fresh air, open a window. A little sunshine and some exercise are good for you when you're indoors all day.

4. Set Goals

Daily goals are great, but hourly goals are even better. These can act as benchmarks for your progress throughout the day and will help you stay on track. Every micro-goal you complete brings you one step closer to your bigger goal for the day (or week). Plus, setting bite-sized goals makes it less overwhelming to tackle those big projects.

5. Create Boundaries

If you're working from home with the kids, a spouse or a roommate, set clear expectations for when you need your alone time and when it's okay to hang out. Manager, Rebecca, uses phrases like "mommy is closed right now but daddy is open!" to help her kids understand the difference between work and play while also still feeling supported. Nicol also suggests giving the kids their own workspace so they can feel busy too.

6. Go Easy On Yourself

When your usual routine has been disrupted, you might feel extra stressed and overwhelmed. So be sure to take plenty of breaks and don't be too hard on yourself. Take some time to do some things you enjoy and that help you relax.

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