How to Clean Cellular Shades

Mindy Schultz | 14 Jun 2012 | Clean

As a Customer Service Representative here at, I love answering all the various questions that come my way - especially when the answers turn out to be surprisingly easy!

Here's one of the most frequently asked questions I get about window covering care:

How do I clean my honeycomb cell shades?

Depending on the spill or stain, cleaning your cellular shades can be a fast and easy task!

Steps to follow to spot clean your cell window shades:

  1. Grab a plain white wash cloth to clean with – colors on the towel might bleed onto the shade
  2. Dampen the towel with warm water
  3. Sprinkle a gentle detergent (same used on clothes is fine) on the towel - no colored or harsh cleaners, please! *Depending on the mess, you may be able to get by with just the warm water on the towel
  4. Lightly scrub the cell shade to remove any dirt/stains

Regular dusting will help keep your shades happy and clean, try using a can of compressed air (like what you clean your computer keyboard with) to blast off extra dirt, or run over the shade with your vacuum's brush attachment.

You can find more information about cleaning all types of window treatments at

Be gentle with your beautiful cellular shades and you will enjoy years of great coverage! Do you have a Window FAQ?  Leave it in the comments below!

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