Light-filtering shades allow the most light into the room. When closed, a light-filtering shade diffuses light evenly into the room, giving it a soft, warm glow. Your room will be illuminated with natural light, while also preventing direct views into your room from the outside.

Light Control


A room-darkening shade will block about 95% of light coming into your room. Room-darkening shades will make your room dark, but not pitch black. These shades will dim your room enough so you can nap during the day, or enjoy television without a glare.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades provide the most darkness. They’re made from a material that blocks all incoming light, making them an ideal upgrade if you’re a day sleeper. Keep in mind that some shades may leave light gaps on the side, depending on the type of shade and how it’s mounted. For a complete blackout effect, use light gap blockers. These adhesive strips attach to the window to block gaps and prevent light from peeking through the gaps. Click here to learn more about how to block light from the sides of your blinds or shades.