Roman shades give you the best of both worlds: the style selection of designer custom drapes and the total control of custom shades. Explore our full selection of roman shades, and don’t forget – you can always speak with an expert design consult over the phone by calling 1-800-505-1905.

Custom Roman Shades | What You Should Know

Roman Shades Features

Roman shades fabric folds up as it is raised, giving your windows a soft, traditional look. They feature unmatched quality in their fabric, with materials ranging from cotton to 100% silk, and pattern options such as stripes or florals, you can find nearly any fabric and pattern to fit your décor. Don’t hesitate to order free samples to see the designs in person!

Roman shades offer unmatched versatility. With many lift options, customizations and fabric types, you can get superior light control with designer style. Roman shades also fit nicely into tight window spaces, which make them an ideal choice if you’re short on wall space.

You can also choose the type of fold in your Roman shade. A flat shade gives a sleek, modern look with neat, tailored pleats, while a hobbled fold features softer folds for a more traditional look.

Fold Styles

Roman shades are more than just curtain alternatives to cover windows, but come in a range of different fold styles.

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Roman Shades Upgrades

Interested in upgrading your Roman shades? Consider these optional features for further customization:

  • Cordless Lift: This popular feature upgrades your Roman shades with a hidden control system, eliminating unsightly cords and enabling your roman shades to be easily raised or lowered.
  • Continuous Cord Loop: This upgrade secures your Roman shades cord to the wall or window frame, allowing you to easily raise or lower your shades by pulling the loop cord in either direction. This is a great option if your Roman shades are covering a wide or tall window.
  • Motorization: Your Roman shades can be raised or lowered by remote control – the ultimate in convenience.
  • Valances and Cornices: These can accent your Roman shades with a stylish topper. Some Roman shades feature fabric-wrapped wooden headrails at the top of the shade, or decorative trim at the bottom. Choose from waterfall style, where the fabric comes directly off the headrail, or a valance, which hangs in front of the hardware for a more formal look.
  • Top Down/Bottom Up Lift: This upgrade allows you to raise your shades from the bottom or lower from the top.
  • Liners: Privacy liners can be added to give you more nighttime privacy or block light during the day. Liners also protect your Roman shades from sun damage.

Roman Shades Considerations

  • Roman shades tend to have a tall stack when fully raised, which could obstruct views from your window.
  • Operating mechanisms and the folds of Roman shades require window depth to hang properly. Be sure to check the minimum depth requirements for an inside mount.


Roman shades offer a unique solution for those looking for a blend between a curtain and a shade. Roman shades are made of fabric that pleates into soft folds and are built for precise light control.

Yes, because they are made of fabric, Roman blinds can be customized to fit with any décor for most rooms. Options for patterns range from more simplistic stripes or solids up to more elaborate floral and decorative choices.

Yes, roman shades offer a wide variety of light control options. Precise controls allow you to adjust to your desired height throughout the day. Additionally, they are available in both light filtering and blackout to further control light or block it completely.

You can use roman shades in any room except in places with high moisture like the bathroom because of the risk of mildew. 

The cost of your roman shades will vary based on the size of your window, but are generally on the higher end compared to other window treatments.

Roman Shades are made with a white liner for a uniform look to the street-side, but they do have lift cords that are visible on the back. If a clean look is a priority, try roller shades instead.