3 Mother’s Day Retreats You Can Create At Home

Ashley Dennis | 01 May 2020 | DIY Projects

Being a mom is hard work, no matter how old the kids get! With social distancing in full swing, so many moms are now taking on extra activities like juggling home school curriculums with working from home. With mother's day around the corner, this is a great time to really shower mom in appreciation!

But what do you get to thank the super-woman holding down the house? This year, skip the chocolates and celebrate mom by creating an at-home oasis where she can relax and retreat!

Backyard Brunch

Have mom kick up her feet and soak up the sun, without the travel headache. You can create a serene brunch retreat for her in the backyard or patio with a few comfy chairs and a table. Try shopping your home for existing furniture - maybe you have a bench or table that you keep shuffling around. Perhaps the porch is the perfect spot for it.

front porch of a white house with white solar shades partially lowered.

Pictured: Blinds.com Outdoor Solar Shades in Palermo 5% Frost. Photo courtesy @vintagewhitefarmhouse.

But what to serve? With so many people staying home, brunch recipe inspiration abounds! @SmittenKitchen's crepe-like Swiss Chard pancakes are quick, easy and on the healthy side. @Christinatosi's baking club is filled with new, family-friendly recipes, daily. She lets you know what ingredients you'll need the day before so you can cook along to her livestream. @Damn_delicious also shared her secret trick to the fluffiest scrambled eggs you've ever tasted.

Sunny brunch table setting with watermelon, juice and flowers.

Now for the fun part: decorate the space! Colorful place mats are easy to diy and bring extra color to the table. Skip the paper plates and plastic cups. Set out real ceramic dishes, glassware, and silverware to make things feel more classy and eco-friendly. The sound of ice cubes clinking in a cool glass is so much nicer than the crinkle of a plastic cup (ASMR, anyone?).

During peak daylight hours, an outdoor solar shade can give you major cabana vibes while shielding you from the sun's harsh glare. They also can help cut down on heat without interrupting your view. Once the sun sets, light citronella candles for bug-free ambience. Light strands can also illuminate the space and create a romantic glow in the evening hours.

Man hanging up light strands over a patio.

Photo courtesy @abigailmarygreen.

A Breakfast Nook

No space outside? A cozy breakfast nook corner inside can do the trick (and serve a function year round)! Breakfast nooks are great because they are so informal and take very little effort to set up. It's as easy as finding a bright window and pulling up a small table and a few chairs. Open up the blinds to let the sun shine in. Even if you don't have a picturesque view, natural sunlight makes a simple tablescape feel bright and welcoming.

Sunny, white kitchen nook with a small table, two chairs, a pitcher of orange juice and plate of pastries.

Pictured: Blinds.com Economy 2" Cordless Faux Wood Blind in color white.

Simple changes like pouring orange juice from a glass pitcher (instead of a cardboard carton) feels like a sophisticated cafe. For an extra special experience, have the kids help you write up a menu letting mom know what you're serving.

Nook dining area with cushioned bench seat and chairs. Decorated with houseplants and a beige roman shade.

Pictured: Blinds.com Premium Roman Shades in Gent Vanilla. Photo courtesy @hartley_home.

Top off your table setting with a few flowers arranged delicately in a vase (the kids can even help pick these on a family walk). Or bring in a little extra greenery with a few potted plants or hanging planters. For advice on low maintenance houseplants, check out of Houseplants for Beginners Guide!

Bathroom Oasis

Every bathroom should feel like a private spa getaway! What's more luxurious than a long soak with a cup of tea or that creamy whipped coffee drink (Dalgona!) everyone's trying? Set mom up with a book from her favorite author to read as she floats the day away.

In a small room like the bathroom, the little touches go a long way to creating the right atmosphere. To get that day spa vibe, set out a gorgeous smelling candle, freshly folded towels and a houseplant or two (aloe vera does well in humid environments!).

clementine and honey candle next to an aloe vera potted plant.

Picture courtesy of @heyherridge.

Privacy is important too. If your bathroom has a window consider a shade that has a top down, bottom up lift option like the Blinds.com Woven Wood (shown below in color Penang Walnut). This way light can filter in from the top while maintaining privacy in the bottom portion of the window. You can also try adding a privacy liner for a woven or fabric treatment (woven wood shades, roman shades, draperies).

Could your bathroom windows use some more privacy or an updated look? Woven wood shades or roman shades are our favorite styles!

Large, black, free standing tub next to a window with a woven wood shades and surrounded by plants.

Pictured: Blinds.com Woven Wood in color Penang Walnut.

The Smallest Gestures Mean The Most

It does not take a lot of energy or resources to show someone how much you care. However you choose to celebrate this mother's day, it's the little gestures that usually mean the most.

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