57 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

Abigail Sawyer | 06 May 2020 | DIY Projects

Homeschooling isn't just about reading and math. You can use this time at home to help your kids build some life skills around home improvement, and frankly to keep them busy!

If you want to pass on some home maintenance knowledge to the next generation - we've got a load of ideas for you. We polled a few of the parents in our office, and they shared some great home improvement projects that kids can help with.

Toddler girl helping dad install blinds

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Home Improvement Projects for Kids Of All Ages

We've grouped these projects by simple, intermediate, and advanced - because kids can vary by experience level, not just by age. Determine what's right for your child and be sure to always give proper supervision and use safety equipment.

We got a ton of inspiration from Home Depot's kids workshops, which they've taken completely online since in-person events have been cancelled. Plus, check out this great article from Family Handyman.

young girl caring for plant in dining room

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Simple Home Improvement Projects for Kids

  1. Wash the car
  2. Planting seedlings (Try veggies - your kids may be more excited to eat foods that they watched grow!)
  3. Watering plants (inside and outside)
  4. Make a fairy garden
  5. Pull weeds
  6. Pick up sticks from the yard
  7. Planting flowers in a bed or window box
  8. Sweeping the patio or another area after a project (One of our employees said his young kids love sweeping up sawdust after he finishes a woodworking project because they get to wear protective "gear" like ear and eye protection.)
  9. Pick up trash or scraps while you're working on a project
  10. Clean out the garage
  11. Use a leaf blower
  12. Paint the mailbox
  13. Wash windows
  14. Clean bathroom mirrors
  15. Dust furniture
  16. Dust blinds
  17. Dust fan blades
  18. Grease squeaky hinges
  19. Learn to use a screwdriver (and tell the difference between a phillips and flat head)
  20. Tighten cabinet hardware (with their new screwdriver skills!)
  21. Hold the flashlight while you work on a project (This was our most suggested job!)
  22. Wash trash cans outside with the hose
  23. Hose off patio furniture
  24. Clean scuffs from the wall with a magic eraser

young boy cleaning house with roman shades

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Intermediate Home Improvement Projects for Kids

  1. Practice using basic tools like a hammer, saw, cordless drill/screwdriver (Check out this manual hand drill if they're not quite ready for electric)
  2. Hang a picture and learn how to use drywall anchors
  3. Learn to use a tape measure (Check out these 7 hidden features of tape measures!)
  4. Help paint a room (They can use the roller while you cut in)
  5. Change air filters
  6. Test smoke detectors and replace batteries
  7. Clean lint from dryer hose
  8. Vacuum
  9. Change lightbulbs
  10. Re-caulk a bathtub
  11. Unclog a drain with vinegar and baking soda
  12. Make a bird feeder or birdhouse
  13. Prune plants
  14. Assemble furniture
  15. Help check breakers when power goes out (Use walking talkies or phones to communicate!)
  16. Learn to turn water off to toilet in case of overflow
  17. Practice using a plunger
  18. Hose off home exterior and scrub away mildew
  19. Vacuum refrigerator coils
  20. Tighten or replace doorknob
  21. change switch plate covers

young boy helping mother install blinds

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Advanced Home Improvement Projects for Kids

  1. Change oil in cars
  2. Repair or stain fence
  3. Paint home exterior
  4. Clean gutters
  5. Power wash patio or driveway
  6. Install blinds (check out our guides for step-by-step instructions!)
  7. Fix running toilet
  8. Patch drywall
  9. Unclog kitchen drain
  10. Fix leaky faucet
  11. Trim hedges or trees
  12. Replace an outlet or switch

What Projects Are You Going to Try?

If you give any of these a go with your kids, share on Instagram and tag us @blindsdotcom!

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