Help Your Hamster Sleep Better With These Blinds and Shades!

Ashley Dennis | 01 Apr 2021 | Seasonal Trends

Hamsters are nocturnal so they sleep through most of the day and party all night. Light control is important for these fluffy babies. If you've got your hamster's cage set up near a window, you might be considering new window treatments to help your hamster get the best sleep possible. But which window treatments will hold up against these furr-ocious, chewing beasts while still giving you light control?

a hamster crawls out the window of a plastic hut

Hey little dude, use the door!


Shutters are the ideal choice for hamsters since they are super durable. The thicker slats are too big for little hamster mouths to chew. Plus the louvers can be tilted open and closed for your buddy's desired level of light control.

simplicity wood - liz kamarul

Pictured: Simplicity Wood Shutters in Bright White. Photo via @lizkamarul.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also a great choice since they can be made in light filtering or blackout opacities. We recommend blackout to make sure your hamster gets the best sleep they can during the day.

They're also available with cordless lift, making them safer for pets (and kids). Cordless cellular shades have their cords hidden within the fabric so they aren't immediately chewable. Or try a motorized lift for easy light control without having to leave the hamster hut!

hamster photoshopped into a photo raising cellular shades.

Pictured: Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Stone.

Mini Blinds

Mini blind slats made with aluminum are more gnaw (and dent) resistant than their vinyl counterparts. They are also not very delicious. Perfect for a tiny, toothy friend! Plus, these blinds are super lightweight, so your hamster may even be able to raise them on his own.

a hamster sits on a pile of books next to a window with pink mini blinds (photoshopped).

Pictured: 1" Mini Blind in Pale Pink.

What to Avoid

Wood blinds and woven wood shades have an excellent mouthfeel, so hamsters are inclined to chew. Draperies have a lot of fabric ruffles and pleats so it's easier for your hamster to become overwhelmed and get lost amongst the folds.

Jamster the hamster basks in the sunlight, but wishes for darkness.

Jamster the hamster basks in the sunlight, but wishes for darkness. Specifically room darkening shades.

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