Get Ready for Game Day - Best Window Treatments for Media Room

Abigail Sawyer | 02 Jan 2014 | Window Treatments

Did bowl game binge-watching over the holidays make it painfully clear that your windows have a glare problem?

We'll help you take care of business before the big game with media room blackout blinds that are easy to install and won't cost an arm and a leg.

Whether you're planning for the ultimate game watching party, or gearing up for Sundays dedicated to Downton Abbey, we'll help you save on the best shades and blackout drapes for media rooms.

For Extreme Darkness: Blackout Blinds for Home Theater

Blackout Roller Shades Signature Blackout Roller Shades in Rockport Midnight Black

Roller blackout blinds are the most popular choice for media rooms. These sleek shades keep out lots of light for a true theater feel. Although they are available in black as pictured above, 10 lighter, neutral fabrics will also give you the same darkening benefits.

Choose an outside mount to prevent light gaps along the edge of the shade.

Double Cell Blackout Shades 3/8 Inch Double Cell Blackout Shades

Cellular shades can be made for nearly any size window, in hundreds of colors, and they have supreme blackout benefits. Blackout cell shades are lined inside with Mylar so they don't let in any light, and give your room extra insulation against outside temperatures.

For Effortless Darkening: Motorized Blinds

Motorized Cellular Shades Motorized Cellular Shades

Cut glare instantly by lowering an entire room of blinds with one remote. The unbeatably low price will help you create a real automated media room at home, without blowing the budget. Choose from light filtering or blackout fabrics in a variety of colors.

If you'd like a sleeker option, the Blackout Roller Shades and Solar Roller Shades are also available with a motorized lift.

For Controlling Glare Without Losing Light: Glare Blocking Window Treatments

Premium Light Filtering Cellular Shades 1/2 Inch Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

If the man cave can't be a pitch black "cave" in reality, think about light filtering window treatments. Cellular shades in a light filtering fabric will allow soft natural light to enter the room without the harsh glare that comes from an uncovered window.

Solar Roller Shades Signature Solar Shades

These shades are popular in restaurants and businesses because they keep out glare and heat without blocking natural light or the view. Choose a fabric with a tight weave (1%-3% openness) for partial darkening and a visible view. Choose the motorized option for even easier light control.

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