Warm Up Your Space Without Turning Up the Heat this Fall

Natasha Ero | 16 Oct 2023 | Energy Saving

Fall weather brings warm, thick sweaters, cozy throw blankets, and the willpower to keep the heat off until the chill becomes unbearable. Staying comfortable in your home as the temperature dips can be challenging. Proper window insulation can help regulate a room's temperature.

Choosing the right window treatments can have several benefits for homeowners. We're sharing 3 of the best insulating window treatments to keep you warm and cozy this fall.

Blinds.com premium blackout cellular shade in Igloo in a modern living space.

What are the Best Types of Insulating Blinds?

Windows are a significant cause of heat loss. Choosing the right window coverings not only gives a space a more stylish look but can also affect a home's temperature. Knowing which window treatments are best for providing insulation will help you save money by lowering your energy bills.

1. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are made up of “cells” that resemble a honeycomb. These cells trap the air to insulate your home and keep it comfortable in every season. They vary in size and are available in single, double or triple-cell construction.

white blackout cellular shades lowered from top down to show backyard

Blackout Cellular Shades in Glacier with Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Lift.

Installing them inside your window frame closest to the window glass will minimize heat loss, so make sure to measure carefully and avoid gaps on the sides of the shade. Cellular shades come in a wide variety of colors and fabric choices, so you won’t sacrifice style for comfort.

2. Drapery Panels

There is no better way to add the feeling of warmth, texture and coziness to a room than with fabric draperies. There are several ways to make them both beautiful and energy-efficient as well.

traditional bedroom with crystal light fixture over nightstand and windows covered with grey natural roller shades and taupe curtains

Premium Natural Blackout Roller Shades in Cascade Graphite with Easy Grommet Draperies in Rio Stone.

Here are tips for maximizing the warming potential of your curtains:

  • Choose floor-length panels.
  • Extend draperies beyond the width of the window if possible. Wide panels help prevent heat loss at the sides, and you can take advantage of a full view when they’re open.
  • A tight, woven fabric is best for efficiency when combined with a white or light-colored lining. Add a thermal interlining for maximum benefit in cold climates.

3. Shutters

Shutters are often overlooked, but they’re a great window-covering option. They fit tightly in the window frame and when the louvers are closed, they create a pocket of air that insulates your windows.

stylish living room with blue couch and arched windows with custom made plantation shutters.

Premium Wood Shutters in Bright White.

Wood louvers allow you to control light and privacy. With a divider rail, you can open and close the top and bottom louvers separately. Shutters are energy efficient and add traditional elegance and value to any home.

Bonus: Layer Up!

Finally, to have the greatest impact on saving energy, think layers. Hang drapery panels with cellular shades to have greater control over light and privacy and to create an additional barrier that will help reduce your heating bill. Top shades with cornices bring a polished look while helping to prevent heat from escaping at the top.

blue living room with wall of french doors covered with cellular shades and white curtains

Blackout Cellular Shades in Glacier with Easy Grommet Draperies in Riga Ocean Foam.

Before you touch that thermostat this fall, consider investing in energy-efficient window treatments. It’s like a two-for-one deal: Not only will you save money on your heating and cooling bills, but your home will get a brand-new look.

Bundle up Your Windows!

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