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Bring the excellence of refined craftsmanship to your home. With carefully innovated designs, Acadia Living™ reinvents the window shutter to provide perfection you can feel every day. Mastering an unmatched level of durability, style and functionality; discover quality that serves you.

Leave your installation fears in the past – our shutters are installed in 5 simple steps. Enjoy the ease of shutters that come ready to install right out of the box. All frames come with pre-drilled holes, making installing these shutters easier than ever before. With the addition of versatile sizing, single panels are available in up to 34” for a sleeker, streamlined look. Create a truly timeless home with Acadia Living™.

Composite Shutters

Experience durability at its finest. The additional protective coating allows for effortless maintenance, making this the only shutter that offers lifetime warranty on color fastness. Complete with the versatility of extended sizing, this is the world’s best-selling shutter.

- Polypropylene coating for extra durability

- Certified CARB (California Air Resources Board) Compliant and VOC-safe 

- Wider single panels of up to 34” for a cleaner look

Composite Plus Shutters

Combining the best of both worlds, Composite Plus shutters provide exceptional durability with the advantage of being lightweight. Comprised from the same material used to support aircraft wing spars and high-end endurance applications, these shutters bring the utmost strength to your home.

- Each louver is reinforced by an intricate but hidden structural support system inspired by the design of wing spars of aircraft

- Certified CARB (California Air Resources Board) Compliant

- Wider single panels of up to 34” for a cleaner look

Wood Shutters

Quality that is unbeatable. Made from wood that has been perfected for your home, these wood shutters are specifically dried to the temperature of your home’s location to prevent shrinking and swelling. Enjoy the premium look of finer wood grain as well as superior stability from quarter sawn wood.

- Prescription Wood Conditioning® - specially drying the wood according to your location’s conditions.

- Each layer is finely coated with high-quality stain or paint

- Quarter sawn wood for greater stability

- Wider single panels of up to 34” for a cleaner look